Multi-Arm Swinging Towel Bar Constructed From Pipe

Multi-Arm Swinging Towel Bar Constructed From Pipe

Pipeline collection
See the new three-swing-arm wall-mounted towel bar from the Pipeline Collection.
Two examples of three-pronged Pipeline hooks

Take a Look at Our Three-Hook Creation

Is there a place at home or work that's begging for a three-hook option? Meet our new Pipeline Tri-Hook creation.
Our Grab Bars Deliver 90 Degrees of Safety

Our Grab Bars Deliver 90 Degrees of Safety

grab bars
We've added 90-degree grab bars to our collection of safety grab bars. Read more about them!
Wall mounted brass six mug holder

A Coffee Mug is the Best Part of Waking Up

mug organizer
The best part of waking up is finding a fresh coffee mug ready to be filled.
Pipeline collection cabinet pulls

Steampunk Style in Pipeline Collection Hardware

mug organizer
We can't think of a better place for steampunk than decorative hardware. The style was a huge influence on our Pipeline Collection, which was our top seller in 2021.
Allied Brass | Three Easy Ways to Transform a Bathroom into a Luxury Hotel Spot

Three Easy Ways to Transform a Bathroom into a Luxury Hotel Spot

bathroom accessories
Towel shelves, floor towel stands, and toilet tissue stands add luxury and elegance to upgrade a pleasant bathroom into a chic space.
Pipeline Collection Toilet Tissue Holder with Glass Shelf

The Pipes Are A-Callin'

bathroom accessories

It's been a while since we talked about our pipe-constructed Pipeline and Camo collections, our toughest-looking collections designed to complement understated modern or industrial decor.

Allied Brass ladder towel bar and tub

Accessories to Freshen Up Bathrooms and Kitchens

bathroom accessories
Allied Brass' US-made designer accessories are crafted with sturdy brass and pipe to outlast years of heavy use, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Plus, they're really attractive.
Allied Brass' four-tiered wall-mounted towel ladder made from brass and acrylic.

How to Organize a Bathroom - and Keep the Peace at Home!

bathroom accessories
We have ready-made designer hardware solutions that makes the most of tight bathroom space. Examples include multi-towel holders, multi-roll toilet paper holders, and bathroom organizers that keep hairdryers, soap dishes, towels, and other items away from sinks and water.
Wall-mounted tilt mirror from Allied Brass

Mirror, Mirror, Wake Up My Wall!

Carolina collection
We offer dozens of well-constructed designer mirrors to liven up a room, hallway, or entryway. Some tilt up and down for perspective, others are mounted on dramatic racks to add flair to the surroundings.
Allied Brass grab bar, Dottingham collection

Put This Lifesaver in Your Bathroom

bathroom accessories
Grab bars should be in all bathrooms. They are proven to prevent serious injuries. And now, you can get decorative grab bars strong enough to save lives!
Bathroom with Waverly Place shelf

Shelf Life

glass shelves
We created so many innovations for our shelves, including multiple tiers, shelves that fit in corners, shelves made from extremely strong hardwood and glass, and shelves combined with other products.