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We can't think of a better place for steampunk than decorative hardware. The style was a huge influence on our Pipeline Collection, which was our top seller in 2021.

Steampunk Is A Perfect Fit For Hardware

You've probably seen Steampunk even if you didn't identify it. It's a design that blends the gear-powered machinery of the Industrial Age with Victorian styles and Wild West themes. Check out this Steampunk artwork.

Our Pipeline Collection echoes Steampunk design. Made from actual pipe, it includes parts like elbows, tees, wall flanges, and caps. It's ornate and industrial at the same time.

Take a look at this toilet paper holder and you'll see what we mean that this is a great look for hardware:

 Finish: Brushed Bronze

 The bright finish - one of eight - really makes this piece stand out.

The shelf over the TP holder is made from the same hardwood used in outdoor decks and boardwalks. It's as tough as the pipe. The overall piece is as strong as it looks. 

Click on any images to preview different finishes.

The braided stainless steel we used to fashion the ring section of this Pipeline towel ring also signals signals strength with a Steampunk influence:

Finish: Matte White

Steampunk Is A Great Look For Functional Hardware

Our designer hardware is unique not only because we only use brass - a very strong metal - but because all our designs are functional. Function tends to get lost in other designer hardware see, or at least it's not as useful as it could be. 

Many of our pieces, like the toilet paper holder with the shelf, are multi-functional as well. This Pipeline collection brass and double glass shelf with towel holder is a good example of dual functionality:

 Finish: Matte Black

The shelf pieces are made with beveled tempered safety glass, which is about five times strong than regular glass.

Check out other glass shelves and wood shelves from the Pipeline Collection. We offer single, double, and triple shelves. Shelves come in two lengths: 16" and 22'. Towel bars can be added to any shelf and we can add gallery rails as well.

Mug holders are another example of useful design. We first introduced them in the Pipeline Collection and offer them as countertop, wall-mounted, and under-the cabinet styles - a space-saving feature:


Finish: Antique Bronze

 All options are available with four or six sturdy hooks.

As always, shipping is free throughout the U.S. 

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