6 hook coffee mug rack

Do you feel like you're running out of space? Multi-functional hardware helps organize space, especially in places like bathrooms where space is limited - especially if it's shared.

We certainly understand the appeal of large, beautiful kitchens. But we know many homes and apartments/condos have smaller, gallery-style kitchens (which by the way, have created some of the more amazing meals we've had). 

We've expanded many of our categories to include multi-functional accessories that expand the appeal of decorative hardware. And since they're made from brass, they're as sturdy and durable as they are attractive.

Adding Shelves to Hardware

Is there any area of any room that can't use another shelf? We didn't think so.

We added shelves to go over toilet paper holders and paper towel holders, a pretty logical design feature when you think about it.

In the bathroom, you need to put a purse, wallet, or phone somewhere safe. Or maybe you keep reading materials there - we won't judge.

Put this Waverly Place dual-roll holder with a wood shelf in any bathroom to provide extra rolls and space:

 Ipe hardware shelf. Hardware finish: Antique Bronze

Do you prefer glass shelves? They do look very pretty! Here's a three-roll holder from our Dottingham collection:

Safety glass shelf. Hardware finish: Satin Brass

We can add glass or wood shelves above many of our wall-mounted toilet paper holders. For multi-roll holders, you can choose horizontal or vertical options.

See more TPs holders with shelves:

In the kitchen, we've put safety glass shelves over wall-mounted paper towel holders. Here's one from our Prestige Skyline Collection:

Prestige Skyline paper towel holder with glass shelf

Finish: Polished Chrome

Shelves come in two sizes: 16" and 22".

Space-Saving Hardware

We think a lot about where hardware can go to save space. In the kitchen, this means creating hardware to mount directly on walls (with or without shelves) or underneath cabinets. We offer these options for paper towel holders and mug holders.

Here's an under cabinet paper towel holder from our Fresno Collection

Fresno Collection Under Cabinet Paper Towel holder

 Finish: Polished Brass

 You can't beat under-counter storage for mugs. Think of all the interior cabinet space this saves!  Here's a six-mug rack from our Pipeline collection:

Finish: Antique Bronze

All mug holders come with six or four hooks each. 

In the bathroom, we offer this unique wall-mounted organizers that safely store hair dryers and offer spaces for small towels or wash cloths and a loop to hold a tumbler. Here's one from our Que New Collection:

Finish: Antique Copper

We have bathroom organizers from other collections as well.

That filial on the end of the towel arm above can also be used as a hook. You'll find filial and hooks on many of our towel bars, like this one from our Shadwell Collection:

 Finish: Brushed Bronze

Read more about these towel bar features.

Finally, we can add a towel bar underneath shelves to add that extra feature. Here's one from our Carolina Crystal Collection:

Brass and wood shelf with towel bar

 Finish: Matte Gray

You can also add gallery bars to any shelf.

Browse our website to see more of our multi-functional hardware pieces. The search box will help you find specific examples.