More Ways to Hook Up Coffee Mugs

More Ways to Hook Up Coffee Mugs

mug organizer
We've added three new mug holders to our collection.
Brass countertop mug organizer

Beautiful Brass Accessories to Complement Your Kitchen Remodel

cabinet hardware
You did it! You remodeled your kitchen. Now it's time to get elegant brass accessories that highlight its luxury and style!
Wall mounted brass six mug holder

A Coffee Mug is the Best Part of Waking Up

mug organizer
The best part of waking up is finding a fresh coffee mug ready to be filled.
Pipeline collection cabinet pulls

Steampunk Style in Pipeline Collection Hardware

mug organizer
We can't think of a better place for steampunk than decorative hardware. The style was a huge influence on our Pipeline Collection, which was our top seller in 2021.
Decorative brass hardware sale

Decorative Hardware Are Great Gifts!

decorative hardware
Decorative brass hardware makes a wonderful, unique, and stylish gift! To steal a line from that show our friends make we watch and sing with them, here are a few of our fav-o-rite brass gifts: mug holders, vanity top guest towel stands, and incense stick holders.
The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Home Accessories

The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Home Accessories

mug organizer
Wall-mounted home accessories such as candle holders and incense include safety. Other wall-mounted hardware like paper towel holders save space and are more stable.
Camo collection under cabinet mug rack from Allied Brass

Get More Kitchen Space Without Construction and Contractors

kitchen accessories

What's going on underneath your cabinets? If your answer is "nothing," then you've found the motherlode of unused kitchen space. Here at Allied Brass, we've created a lot of decorative hardware and home accessories that put this space to work!

Combination glass shelf and paper towel holder Allied Brass

Space Saving Kitchen Accessories

kitchen accessories

Does your kitchen feel small? We have decorative hardware accessories for kitchens that save space and help with organization along the way!

Allied Brass gift card with discount

Give Dad a Gift Card

Camo collection
An Allied Brass gift card is the perfect Fathers Day gift for any father figure who's been working on home improvement projects this year. Take 10% off for a limited time!
Allied Brass Pipeline collection 4-mug organizer, fits under counter

What's Under Your Counter?

Camo collection
The space under your counters or cabinets is often overlooked. We created several under-the-counter paper towel holders and mug organizers to put this space to good use.