Brass countertop mug organizer

Did you remodel your kitchen over the past couple of years? If you did, you're in good company - about 74 million Americans did a major remodel in 2021!

Now it's time to get some great brass accessories to complement it.

We Dressed Up Our New Kitchen Counters with Allied Brass Accessories

We were among those who recently remodeled an outdated and frankly, falling-apart kitchen. And while it was exciting to get a new oven and range, new cabinets, and a new kitchen sink, our kitchen counter stood out most!

Houzz reports that new countertops are the most common feature of any kitchen remodel, with more than 90% of homeowners reporting new kitchen countertops. Allied Brass has several countertop accessories to enhance this upgrade.

Brass Mug Holder and Organizer

We had been admiring Allied Brass' line of mug holders for some time. Now we had a great reason to get one - and boy, it gets lots of complements even when we haven't offered coffee.

Brass 6-mug holder from Allied Brass

Finish: Oil-rubbed brass

GIS, by the way, stands for Geographic Information Studies, for which our almost-perfect child will graduate with a BS from Arizona State University in a couple of months. He's been getting the mugs since junior year. (Don't worry about the voodoo mug - it's just a souvenir from Marie Laveau's in New Orleans.) 

Allied Brass also offers a four-mug countertop holder. There are also wall-mounted and under-the-cabinet styles that save space. Be sure to see the full line, which now come in 19 standard finishes.

Brass Countertop Towel Stands

We also decided we needed a countertop towel stand to keep our tea towels handy.

Finish: Antique Brass

Click on any image to see the product page, where you can preview different colors and zoom in for details.

We initially expected most of these towel stands to serve as vanity top stands, but they're just as popular in kitchens. The arms on this style swivel into different positions, allowing for towels to easily dry out.

Many of our vanity top towel stands come in a V-shape and hold two towels.

Finish: Brushed Bronze

Ring styles are also popular ways to hold guest or tea towels.

Finish: Polished Brass

Our YouTube channel features spin videos on dozens of Allied Brass accessories. See more of our countertop (or vanity top) towel stands

We were interested to read that 

Brass Accessories Complement Your  Kitchen Style

We firmly believe that brass is the best material for new kitchen accessories. Here are a few other items to add to your kitchen upgrade:

Paper Towel Holders Made From Brass

Do you want a paper towel holder to rest on your lovely new countertop, or do you prefer to install one under a cabinet or on a wall? Whatever you decide, know that we've got all three covered!

Here's a quietly elegant wall-mounted paper towel holder from our Skyline collection:

Finish: Satin Brass

By the way, we offer 28 standard finishes for most of our collections - far more than our competitors.

If your kitchen style is more of a modern look, consider this space-saving, under-the-counter paper towel holder from our Montero collection:

Finish: Matte Gray

 And of course, there are countertop paper towel holders, like this handsome example from our house brand:

Finish: Satin Chrome


Combine a Paper Towel Holder with a Shelf

Several Allied Brass accessories combine functions. This one combines a paper towel holder attached with a glass shelf - perfect for a kitchen! Here's an example from our Waverly Place collection:

Finish: Antique Pewter

See more examples of this unique combination kitchen accessory.

There are so many more Allied Brass accessories for your kitchen. Think about hooks - another idea that floated from the bathroom to the kitchen:

Retro Dot vertical hook

Retro Dot Collection. Finish: Satin Nickel

You do wash your hands in the kitchen, right? So you need a soap dish or soap dispensers.

Sag Harbor Collection. Finish: Satin Nickel

And of course, you want the right cabinet hardware for your new cabinets and drawers - and of course it should be brass!

Brass decorative kitchen cabinet knob

Finish: Brushed Bronze

You've got a beautiful kitchen now. Make sure the accessories you buy for it highlight its luxury and style!


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