Kitchen cabinet hardware

More Places to Add Color

Accessory finishes
With all the new colors we added to our collection, we figured it's time to highlight more places to add color with Allied Brass decorative hardware.
Brass countertop mug organizer

Beautiful Brass Accessories to Complement Your Kitchen Remodel

cabinet hardware
You did it! You remodeled your kitchen. Now it's time to get elegant brass accessories that highlight its luxury and style!
Matte bray beaded brass knobs on wood cabinet

Hob Nobbing with Brass Knobs

cabinet hardware
New brass knobs are an easy solution to update a dresser or cabinet. Choose from more than 40 designer styles!
Allied Brass | Wall mirror

3 Ways to Update Your Bedroom Without Painting

Bedroom decor

We've come up with three ways to give your bedroom a new look without painting or even moving any furniture. The key is using brass decorative hardware for finishing touches as well as new looks.