Matte bray beaded brass knobs on wood cabinet

Are you looking for an easy way to update a dresser or cabinets? New brass knobs might just be the solution.

We offer an eclectic collection of 40+ cabinet knobs in all sorts of styles from  traditional round to modern twists and a lot in between. All are crafted from tough, resilient brass in 17 standard finishes - including no finish at all  to darken into the patina you want.

Twisted Knobs, Sister

Conventional cabinet knobs? We're not gonna take it!

Our twisted knobs stand out the most because they represent the best in multifaceted design. They're eye-catching yet functional and easy to grip. Most of all, they're fun to look at. 

Here are a few examples of designer knobs with a twist - click on any image to go to the product page to preview different finishes and style options.

Twisted Brass Cabinet Knob

Finish: Antique Copper


 Finish: Antique Brass

Finish: Satin Chrome


The twisted ring design on this knob is one of four - click on the image to see it with grooved, dotted, and smooth rings. 

These Cabinet Knobs Look Like Gear Shifts!

Do you love muscle cars? So do we. We created several gear shift-style knobs to honor the Camaros, Corvettes, and Mustangs in our lives.

Finish: Venetian Bronze

Finish: Polished Nickel


Finish: Antique Copper

Cabinet Knobs Made From Pipe!

Fans of our Pipeline collection - which by the way, is 10% off right now - will be pleased to know that we have Pipeline knobs, too!


Finish: Matte Gray

Click on the image to preview this 1-inch knob in seven other finishes.

Bubbles and Buttons Inspire Knob Designs

If you're familiar with our collections, you may have noticed that we incorporate a lot of bubbles and buttons into our designs. You'll see them connecting parts of wall-mounted soap dishes and toothbrush/tumbler holders, for example, and as filial decorations over towel bars.

Bubbles and buttons inspired many of our cabinet knob designs as well:

Finish: Antique Pewter


Finish: Antique Brass

This knob from our Carolina Crystal collection, with its glass crystal inlay, is probably our most popular knob for bathrooms and powder rooms:

Finish: Matte White

Indulge yourself! Hob nob with long-lasting, American-designed and manufactured brass knobs that will add extra style to your beautiful cabinetry, dressers, and other furniture.

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