Brass rail mounted frameless wall mirror

Are you shopping for a wall mirror, maybe for a bathroom or powder room? Or perhaps you want a new mirror that will give your bedroom more light.

When you shop for a mirror, consider these 4 reasons to choose a frameless wall mirror from Allied Brass.

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1. Frameless Mirrors Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Mirrors are often installed to give the impression of a larger space. It's one reason why mirrored walls were so popular back in the day!

You've probably moved on from that decor, but that doesn't mean you can't use a stylish wall mirror to get the same effect. Frameless mirrors increase this illusion. Our frameless mirrors have beveled edges that emphasize this even more.

Here's an example of a lovely, frameless 22"x22"x22" round mirror from our Montero Collection that achieves just that in a guest bedroom:

frameless round wall mirror

Finish: Matte Gray

Allied Brass mirrors like this one, with minimal mounting hardware, tilt up and down to adjust to a viewer's height. It's a wonderful touch customers have told us they really appreciate.

This 26"x21" rail-mounted landscape mirror from our Prestige Skyline Collection helps a small bedroom alcove look a little larger:

Finish: Antique Brass

The size issue is another reason why mirrors work so well in powder rooms, which are generally much smaller than bathrooms - even those in larger homes. 

2. Our Frameless Brass Mirrors Stand Up to Bathroom Steam 

Every bathroom needs a mirror. A frameless mirror removes the issue of keeping a frame clean and dry in a moist environment like a bathroom.

In addition, you want your mirror to have hardware that won't rust. Anything made with iron will eventually rust with regular exposure to moisture.

Because we use only brass hardware on our mirrors, they won't rust - ever. (There's no iron in brass.) Similarly, our powder coatings won't peel or fade under normal use.

The crystal inlay in each piece of our Carolina Crystal Collection adds a little extra splash and is a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

Landscape frameless brass mirror with glass inlay 

Finish: Antique Copper

Arched mirrors like this 28.5"x21" from our Sag Harbor Collection add elegance to a updated 3/4 bath like this:

Sag Harbor Brass arched mirror

Finish: Matte Black

3. Mirrors Add Extra Light

Many of our customers hang mirrors on the wall opposite a master bath to take advantage of bathroom lighting: 

Retro Dot Collection. Finish: Matte Gray

This round mirror from our Southbeach Collection captures natural sunlight to add warmth and light to this powder room:

South Beach frameless round wall mirror

Finish: Polished Brass

4. Frameless Mirrors Have a Clean Look

The lack of a frame actually gives mirrors a cleaner, spa-like look. In fact, spas started the trend specifically to reduce the chance of  mold growing on frames.

Plus, the copper element in brass has been shown to reduce and even kill bacteria. Since all our products are made from brass, you can be extra confident that your facilities have an edge over (ugh) plastics.

These are just four reasons to recommend frameless wall mirrors. Take a look at  our full collection of frameless wall mirrors and see for yourself how a frameless beveled mirror can transform a room.

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