Dottingham 3 roll TP holder glass shelf

You try to make sure you don't run out of soap, milk, or toilet paper, right?

That last item can't be replaced unless you're also great about buying tissues. With this in mind, it makes sense to keep an extra roll nearby in case you (or whoever shares your bathroom) don't always notice when the roll gets dangerously thin.

Multi-roll toilet paper holders can save the day! We offer dozens of stylish TP holders that thoughtfully hold at least one extra roll.

Never Run Out of TP in the Bathroom

If it makes sense to ensure there's extra TP in the house, it makes double-sense to have extra rolls where you need them.

We created a selection of attractive double and triple roll holders made from solid brass. Click on any image to go to its product page where you can preview up to 17 different finishes and other details.

Lets say you want a quick way to reload toilet paper. We recommend an upright TP holder like this one from our Tango collection, shown in a brushed bronze finish:

We're really fond of the candlestick holder style. Here's a completely different design approach:vertical two-roll toilet paper holder

Prestige Skyline Collection. Finish: Polished Nickel.

Contact us if you're interested in ordering a horizontal two-roll holder.

Our double roll holders sold so well, we decided to add an additional post for a triple-roll option:

Dottingham Collection. Finish: Antique Bronze. 

Three-roll holders are also available in a horizontal orientation. Contact us to request this option.

Is There Enough TP is in the Restroom?

If you're a public-facing business, you really shouldn't run out of TP in the restroom. (Especially if you own a restaurant!)

Our solution: five-roll holders that stock enough TP to make it even through rush periods. 

5-roll toilet paper holder

Waverly Place Collection. Finish: Satin Brass.

See our other five-roll TP holders

Go the Extra Mile - Add a Shelf to Your TP Holder

Here's a way to become the hero of bathroom decor: add a shelf over the toilet paper holder.

This is particularly useful in powder rooms and restaurant/office/store restrooms where people may struggle to find a place to set down a wallet, phone, or purse.

You may even want a shelf over a TP holder for a private bathroom because...just because.

Choose a thick safety glass or hardwood shelf:


2 roll TP holder with wood shelf


Que New Collection. Finish: Polished Chrome

Prestige Regal Collection. Finish: Matte White

Shelves can be added to any double or triple roll TP holder. 

Already Have a TP Holder You Like? Get an Extra for Reserve Holding

Maybe you like your TP holder and don't want to replace it. Or you don't have room for a multi-roll holder, but you still want an extra roll nearby. We have a handful of suggestions that can help.

Consider a short, post-style holder for one roll, like this one from the Waverly Place collection: 

Finish: Venetian Bronze

Or, consider a short, single roll upright from our Pipeline Collection:

Finish: Matte Gray

It really does make sense to keep extra TP where it's needed most immediately. Check out our full collection of reserve TP holders to see the variety for yourself!


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