The Appeal of Retro Hardware

Everything retro was once cutting-edge and modern, right? And because it was also well-designed, it was destined to someday become retro.

We've known all along that brass is the best metal for hardware, even when it wasn't necessarily the top choice over stainless steel or (forgive us) plastics. Now that brass is firmly established as the best for decorative hardware, we're celebrating retro looks that never go out of style.

Round and Wavy Retro Styles

Our two Retro lines, Retro Dot and Retro Wave, reflect 20th-century styles that embraced the round and wavy shapes.

This European-style toilet tissue holder Retro Dot collection finish has lots of circular features, from the bubble finials to the arm's rounded edges. And of course, there's the dotted concentric rings on the backplate that are a hallmark of this collection.

Finish: Antique Pewter

Below is a tumbler and toothbrush holder from the Retro Wave collection, which also features soft waves and bubble finials. Note the several concentric circles on the backplate that rise up in layers.

Finish: Brushed Bronze

Click on any image to see design details close up and preview different finishes.

Retro Decorative Hardware for Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Our Retro collections primarily focus on bathrooms and powder rooms, where they pull together to create a retro but stylish, sleek look. 

This Retro Dot brass-and-glass shelf with a towel bar underneath is perfect for a powder room, where it can hold tissues, extra soap, and maybe a small bowl of potpourri:

 Finish: Satin Brass

Our glass shelves are as strong as they are beautiful. They are made with thick safety glass that holds several times more weight than untreated brass. Read more about the safety glass we use in our glass and brass shelves.

Do you need a couple of bath-size towels after a shower or bath? Same here. Don't settle for just any double towel bar - towels need space to air-dry. This Retro Wave double towel bar curves out gently to do just that.

Finish: Venetian Bronze

A wall mirror is the finishing touch for any bathroom or powder room. All our mirrors are frameless with beveled edges and tilt up and down. Here's one with an arched top from from the Retro Dot collection:

Hardware finish: Matte White

You can see more Retro Dot wall mirrors here, as well as mirrors from the Retro Wave collection. In addition to the arched top, mirrors also come in oval, round, rectangular, and landscape shapes.

It's never too late to update a bathroom or powder room with decorative hardware. A retro look is a great way to recall the best designs on the past. This fun read from Design Wizard brings in more insights about retro design.


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