A Cornucopia of Shelves!
When we say that we have a lot of shelves, we aren't exaggerating.

Right now we have more than 250
glass shelf styles, and over 55 for wood shelves. And to keep it interesting, we also have towel shelves made entirely from brass or pipe to stack towels or other large fabrics.

And the variety! Single, double, and triple shelves, some with towel bars under them, some with gallery bars. A few are specially designed to fit in corners. All are designed and assembled here in Virginia, USA. And we ship for free throughout the US.

That's a lot of shelves, especially when you consider we're a small, family-run business and do all the work right here in Virginia, from design to assembly to free shipping throughout the US.

No Worries: We Use Strong Glass for Our Shelves

Our glass shelves look so pretty and delicate, don't they?
Don't let the looks fool you. These shelves are made with 3/8" thick tempered glass for added safety and strength. They are anchored with 100% brass with hardware that matches the finish you choose.

Choose from 17 options for our brass shelves or seven in the case of our
Pipeline collection shelves. This Pipeline single glass shelf has a towel bar incorporated under it. It's finished with an antique bronze coat and is made entirely from actual pipe.

Want to be really bold? How about a glass shelf finished in camouflage?

Shelves come in two sizes: 16" and 22" wide except for corner glass shelves that are 8"X8"X8" for each level. Triple corner shelves are also available.

Brass and Ipe Hardwood Shelves

Don't worry about how wood shelves will handle a damp environment like a bathroom. At least, not ours, because our wood shelves are made with Ipe hardwood, a renewable wood found in Central and South America.

How strong is Ipe wood? It's used in construction and boardwalks including the one in Atlantic City. That's a lot of weight, not to mention constant bombardment of moist salt air, rain, and storms.

Here's a single-tier wood shelf from our
Dottingham collection, one of our largest. It includes a gallery bar to hold items in place, and a towel bar. This one has been finished in an antique brass hue.

Our wood shelves come in single, double, and triple tiers like our glass shelves, and in the same 16" and 22" dimensions.


Towel Shelves for Convenient Storage

We offer 17 types of towel shelves that have proven to be extremely useful to store extra towels or replacements for forgetful types who can't wait to jump in the bath or shower.

These shelves can be used to flat-dry clothes you don't want to put in the dryer. Many come with hooks and towel bars for hang drying as well. Be sure you don't miss these!

Questions? Comments? Send us an
email or fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP!
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