Pump Out the Soap/Lotion/Sanitizer!
You're no doubt using a heck of a lot more soap and sanitizer this year, and probably hand moisturizer as well.

Don't buy tons of plastic bottles. Instead, upgrade to a stylish, all-brass dispenser to refill and display as another attractive home or work accessory.

Setting out an attractive soap dispenser sends this message: we want you to use this and wash your hands! Moreover, our 100% brass dispensers are sturdy and come with a limited lifetime warranty. They can handle a lot of use.

Wall-Mounted and Vanity Top Soap Dispensers

We offer several wall-mounted dispensers like the one above from our Carolina Crystal collection, shown in an antique pewter finish. We also offer a couple of vanity top styles as well like this one from the Waverly Place collection shown in a polished brass finish:

Waverly Place also offers a wall-mounted dispenser.

Our lotion/sanitizer/soap dispensers are available in 17 finishes. Wall-mounted models, like this one from our
Dottingham collection shown in a brushed bronze finish, come with all the hardware needed to install them.

These Dispensers Distribute More Than Soap

Our dispensers  also deliver hand sanitizer and lotion. With all the hand washing we're doing, lots of people will appreciate a dollop of hand lotion especially if they use sanitizer products.

You probably know that hand sanitizer isn't as thorough as soap. The reason is that the
molecules in soap break up lipids (fat) that coat some viruses, including coronaviruses. It then clears off other material, including bacteria, from the skin.

 Hand sanitizer can kill coronaviruses.

  • Rub it in for 20 seconds (like soap) to coat your hands with it.
  • Use sanitizer made from at least 60% alcohol.
  • Remember, sanitizer won't clean off grease or heavy dirt as well as soap.

As we wash and sanitize more often, it's important to remember that the delicate skin on the back of the hands can become chapped and even cracked.

  • Pump out a dollop of lotion a couple of times a day
  • Be sure to do this at bedtime when you won't be touching lots of objects.

Plus, doesn't lotion feel kind of luxurious these days? Treat yourself to a stylish dispenser to remind yourself that your skin needs care more than ever these days.

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