Brass and acrylic towel ring with polished nickel finish

Think Brass is Too Formal? Think Again.

decorative hardware
Brass easily adapts to different designer styles. Allied Brass creates and manufactures modern and casual brass decorative hardware, including brass and acrylic creations for the bathroom.
3-tiered glass shelf with towel bar, Allied Brass

It's Hip to Be Square

Montero collection
We agree with Huey Lewis: it's hip to be square! (Mom told us this for years.) Our Montero Collection is a modern one, with a straightforward look ...
Dress Up Your Bathtub!

Dress Up Your Bathtub!

bathroom accessories
Hang your shower curtains on sturdy designer Allied Brass shower curtain hardware that complements the rest of the bathroom. Our brackets come in distinct styles to match traditional, rustic, modern, Art Deco, and lots of styles in between.
European-style TP holder from Allied Brass Tribeca collection

So Many TP Holder Choices!

bathroom decor
From traditional, two-post toilet tissue holders to cool European styles we've got every style of TP holders covered for your bathroom, powder, even your office restroom.
Shower door pull, exterior only made with brass and acrylic

Shower Curtain or Door? We've Got the Hardware!

brass and acrylic
If you're trying to decide whether to install shower doors or hang a shower curtain in your bathroom, we can help! We design and sell beautiful shower door and shower curtain hardware. 
wall-mounted soap/sanitizer dispenser from Allied Brass

Office Kitchen Essentials

break room accessories
Prepare your office reopening with break room and kitchen essentials like brass dispensers for soap and sanitizer, and sturdy paper towel holders made from brass and pipe.
Allied Brass Pipeline collection 4-mug organizer, fits under counter

What's Under Your Counter?

Camo collection
The space under your counters or cabinets is often overlooked. We created several under-the-counter paper towel holders and mug organizers to put this space to good use.
A Cornucopia of Shelves!

A Cornucopia of Shelves!

brass and glass
Discover dozens of glass and wood shelves, plus towel shelves, from the unique Allied Brass collections.