Dress Up Your Bathtub!
Do you have a combined tub and shower in one of your bathrooms? So do we! We like to periodically change out the shower curtain along with the decor. They hang on sturdy Allied Brass shower curtain hardware that complements the rest of the bathroom. 

How to Dress Up Your Shower & Tub 

Many homes have at least one bathroom with a combined bathtub/shower that's ideal for people who want both - a tub and a shower - but don't have room to split them up into separate features. We think bathrooms like these are safest for younger children and others who can't (or shouldn't) clamber out of a tub enclosed with glass doors. 

We hope little Milo (the cat in the photo above), is protected by strong brass shower curtain hardware. We sell rods as well as decorative brackets like this from our Dottingham collection, which features concentric dotted circles:

This one has an antique copper finish, one of 17 to choose from for all our shower curtain hardware. Another Dottingham bracket features the same design without the bubble detail. 

If you never thought about decorative shower curtain brackets, consider that they can underscore a bathroom's decor. The Dottingham collection is pretty traditional but the bubble and circle details help it work with lots of styles.

The bracket below comes from our Skyline collection, which features a more modern look. It offers with four ring styles for brackets and many other accessories, including this bracket with a twist design:

This bracket from our Montero collection is perfect for bathrooms with definite Modern or Deco-influenced decor:

We also sell shower curtain rods to complete your set. They expand to 60" and 72" each. Browse our full line of shower curtain brackets and rods

Have Some Fun Shower Curtain Shopping!

If you haven't shopped for a shower curtain lately, you're in for a treat. While the fish-themed shower curtain above might be good for Milo, you can can find more people-oriented curtains to match your taste. Pinterest is a great source to find them. We can't show them because of copyright rules; however, we created a Pinterest board to show a few we liked. (Feel free to add some you like, too!)

Here are a couple of interesting shower curtains we saw on Flickr:

Milo might not like this one as much as we did!

Jackson Pollack fans would like this one. 

Think Twice Before Replacing Your Shower/Tub Combo With a Shower-Only Upgrade

 We've seen a lot of offers to to update shower/tub bathrooms with a new shower and lose the tub. 

It's tempting, but keep in mind that you might not want to lose that tub if it's the only one you have. Realtor Magazine lists the pros and cons of going tub-less and on balance, it's probably a good idea to keep a tub in one bathroom. It's another amenity you're offering future home buyers, and certainly one that appeals to those with children or planning for  children.

If you're selling a condo in a mid-city location and find a tub crowds your bathroom, it's probably ok to go tub-less because chances are, the next owners won't care about a tub, either. 

Realtor points out that most people want or even need a bath tub at some point in their lives. In addition to bathing little ones, how would someone in a tub-less home soak an injured limb or get relief for a sore hip? How can you take a much-needed epsom salt bath without a bath? Ever try to shower with a sunburn?

There are a lot of practical reasons to keep one bathtub in a home. Dress yours up with a new curtain and designer hardware to keep it steady!


Photos: Flickr

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