Allied Brass ladder towel bar and tub
A lot of us have been living on top of one another over the past year. Naturally, lots of people sharing kitchens and bathrooms means things wear out sooner than later.

What better excuse is there to invest in fresh new accessories? Our US-made designer accessories are crafted with sturdy brass and pipe to outlast years of heavy use and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Plus, they're really attractive.

Room renovations are fun, but they're also expensive and take time to complete - no small issue when you already have more people at home than you expected! (No, we really love having the kids at home but still.)

Replacing old accessories with new ones in bathrooms, powder rooms, and kitchens takes a lot less sweat and financial equity. 

Spruce Up the Bathroom First

Start with the bathroom that has the most activity. That's where you probably need to lower the stress level most.

We  recommend installing double towel bars or towel ladders in shared bathrooms. Consider that most people use at least two towels on a regular basis - one bath towel and one face towel - and many of us use a second bath towel for our hair. (No judgement here, it's just a fact.) So you'll need space for all these towels. 

We have several double towel bar styles. First is a two-level bar like this one from our Satellite Orbit Two collection

Or, you can choose a long-arm style like this from our Dottingham collection with swivel arms:

Take a look at all our double towel bar accessories.

Bathrooms shared by more than one person really need a four-tier towel ladder like this one from our Clearview collection made with brass and tough acrylic:

Our ladder bars come in three sizes: 24", 30", and 36". Read more about ladder towel bars

Get More From a Shelf

Most people like a shelf in the bathroom. But one shelf won't cut it for shared bathrooms.

Dual and even triple shelves are one way to provide more shelf space and we offer these with both wood and safety glass choices. Here's a dual glass shelf from our Waverly Place collection.

Pretty nice, huh? Those optional gallery bars keep everything in place, too.

You can get this and several of our shelves - both glass and wood - with a towel bar incorporate underneath like this Dottingham piece:

Glass shelves are made with tough safety glass. We use strong, durable hardwood for our wood shelves. Read more about our accessory shelves and options

Kitchen Relief

Lots of cooks in the kitchen? These Allied Brass kitchen accessories will help them stay organized:

Paper Towel Holders with Shelves. Our wall-mounted paper towel holders with shelves do two jobs at once, like this one from our Prestige Monte Carlo collection

Under-the-Counter Accessories. If space is tight, consider mounting paper towels under the counter. They won't have a shelf, but they do use space that's often overlooked. Here's one from our Pipeline collection, which features accessories made with real pipe!

You can also mount a mug holder under the counter. They also come from our Pipeline collection and our Camo collection, which also features accessories made from pipe.

All our mug holders - countertop, wall-mounted, and under-the-counter - are sized to hold four or six mugs each. Check out all our mug holders

Browse our site to get more space-saving ideas. There, you can preview items in different finishes and check out spec and installation sheets as well. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions - we'd love to hear from you!
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