Pacific Beach brass and acrylic ladder style towel bar

Do you find yourself with a lot of damp towels and nowhere to hang them? The solution is a sturdy brass ladder towel bar from Allied Brass.

These smart towel ladders mount to walls and have four bars to hold multiple towels. The one below is from our Pacific Beach collection and features acrylic bars.

Brass wall-mounted ladder style towel bar with acrylic bars

Finish: Antique Brass

We love the slight contrast between the antique brass finish and the wall it's mounted to, and how the acrylic echoes the off-white sink vanity.

Lots of Choices for Ladder Towel Bar Styles

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to any of our towel holders. Our  towel ladder bars are no exception and come in three sizes: 24", 30", and 36". A few collections, like Carolina and Carolina Crystal, offer them in a shorter 18" size.

Carolina Crystal Collection. Finish: Satin Brass

Contact us if the particular ladder bar you like isn't shown in the size you want. We can often accommodate special requests.

Choose a Decorative Ring Features

In addition, the acrylic collections - Clearview, Pacific Beach, and Pacific Grove -  offer four styles for the rings that connect the bars to the frame: smooth, grooved, twisted, and dotted. Contact us if you want a ring style for another collection.

More Color Choices Than Ever!

These are just a few of the new colors we just added to our palette. We'll continue to offer custom coloring services as well.

Use These Ladder Towel Bars For More Than Towels

Our ladder-style towel bars are attractive enough to use for displays.

For example, we could see using this ladder towel bar from our Waverly Place collection to show hand-crafted crafted quilts or rugs:

Finish: Brushed Bronze

A ladder bar from the Pipeline collection is a perfect choice for displaying fabrics in a specialty shop:

Finish: Satin Nickel



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