Put Your Team Colors on Hardware!

Do you know your team's colors?

Of course you do. You probably have a jersey or two, or a jacket, that features your favorite team's logo and colors.

And now, you can colorize any Allied Brass product with your team's colors.

Put Your Team Colors on Brass Hardware

You might know that we already added several new colors to our standard palette. But we don't limit our customers - in fact, our colorization partner offers one of the largest (if not actually the largest) palettes in the industry.

We can even include more than one color to reflect your fandom.

For example, our absolute favorite team has won more World Series than any other team in Major League Baseball. For that reason, we can order something like this towel ring to feature exact team colors on the brass:

Pipeline Collection. Finish: Matte White

There is another team in the same city as our team's. Their bright colors would be perfect for a safety grab bar and easy to spot and grip.

Show Off Your Team in the Kitchen

The best place to wear your heart is in the kitchen. And we have a lot of stylish, sturdy, and useful kitchen hardware.

Our countertop mug holders are probably the most eye-catching brass accessory you can put in the kitchen. We imagine fans of a team in a city where three rivers meet loving this matte black cup holder:

Click on the image, and you'll see the other colors we offer, which happen to include gold and white. 

We also have mug holders that can be mounted to a wall or under a cabinet, available with four or six hooks. See all our mug holder options and colors.

Think Pink for Brass

You won't find much pink on team uniforms in North America unless it's a special event to observe breast cancer awareness and on Mother's Day. Over in Europe, a handful of football (soccer to us) clubs wear pink as a primary or accent color. There's a Japanese team that also wears the color.

If you're a fan of these teams, we say go for it! And we happen to include pink in our standard finishes. Here's a pink soap dispenser from our Dottingham collection - one of our largest. 

Take a look at all our dispensers, and you'll see that many are designed to mount to a wall. They can also dispense hand and sanitizing lotion. We're pretty sure they can handle sunblock lotion as well.

Pink is a cool color. Wearing it, or featuring it in your home, is thought to reduce aggression, according to one color consultant who thinks about pink a lot.

Not Sure of the Right Color? Call Us!

We're more than happy to identify your team's colors. Just give us a call, send an email to us, or fill out the form on our contact page, where you'll see all the information you need to get in touch.

Our Brass Products and Finishes Last a Lifetime

All our products are warrantied to last a lifetime under normal use, as long as you remain in your home.

This means that soap dispenser, toilet paper holder, towel bar, and other items you use daily - some of them several times a day - will be as sturdy and dependable as the day they arrived for several years. 

Because we use the highest quality brass for our hardware, there will be no rust - even in damp bathroom environments. Coatings won't peel or tear. These products were meant to last!


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