The Best Bathroom Design Trends

The goal of any redesign or remodel should always be to create more comfort for the people using the space daily. This is especially true of the bathrooms in our home. Creating a space that is comfortable and functional is essential for taking proper care of yourself. Here are a few of the best bathroom design trends for 2021.

Color Trends

Every year, several popular color trends emerge and then seem to disappear into obscurity. Choosing a more established color palette keeps the room looking good, even when the design changes.


Going back to basics is a big trend in home design. Incorporating the colors found often in nature creates a soothing atmosphere, allowing the room’s users to unwind comfortably.


Another part of the returning to nature trend, jungle-themed bathrooms are also seeing a surge in popularity. Using different shades of green adds pops of color to what might otherwise be a dull room that’s devoid of character.


Blacks, whites, and grays are all popular choices to base your color selections around. Keeping things in grayscale makes selecting accessories for your bathroom a breeze.

Open Layout

One of the best bathroom design trends is to incorporate space in your bathroom. Open showers are huge right now, paving the way for layout changes throughout the bathroom. Floating vanities are also part of the push for openness, as are large soaking tubs. Anything to make the space look and feel less constrained would work with these floorplans.


With so much time spent indoors due to the global pandemic, lighting is now more important than ever, especially if it’s natural. Increasing the lighting in your bathroom will make it more welcoming. You can make use of things like ceiling hung mirrors and metal hardware to reflect the light back throughout the room.

Smart Devices

Just like the rest of your home, smart devices have now started to infiltrate the bathroom. Smart showers that control water temperature and pressure are growing in popularity. Bluetooth speakers built into the walls or bathroom fan are great for adding those backing vocals for your daily sing-alongs while in the bathtub. There are even smart toilets that limit the flow of water to prevent waste.

If you are looking for suggestions for your next bathroom redesign or remodel, contact the professionals at Allied Brass. We have a vast selection of the finest bathroom hardware that is sure to meet your design needs.