Floating glass shelf Allied Brass
Float like a butterfly - that's how we like to describe our floating glass shelves (and with a nod to the late Greatest).

Floating glass shelves are so pretty in a bathroom! We included them in a handful of Allied Brass collections like the one above from our Dottingham collection, shown in a bright satin nickel finish. This one includes an optional gallery rail.

Uniquely Designed Floating Glass Shelves

These shelves are our own unique design.

  • The glass shelf looks like it's floated up to reach sturdy yet elegant brass arms.
  • A couple of small, unobtrusive supports at the back edge fit under the glass to add extra stability. They match the selected shade for the arms and other hardware you select.
  • Add a gallery rail to keep items neatly in place! 

Shelves come in three sizes - 18", 24", and 30". 

Floating glass shelf Allied Brass

Prestige Regal floating glass shelf shown with antique copper finish.

Sturdy, Wall-Mounted Glass Shelves

These shelves come with all the hardware you need to mount it to a wall.

We use tempered safety glass for all our glass shelves, glass, which is about four times stronger than untreated glass. Tempered glass holds up far better to wear and tear over the years and can absorb moderate impacts, one reason why it's also used for glass table tops.

It's also called "safety glass" because its strength makes it difficult to break. If it does, it will disperse into small, rounded pieces instead of sharp shards.

17 Finish Choices or Customize Your Color

All our brass products are available in 17 finishes that won't fade, peel, or rust.

Or choose a custom color for a small, one-time fee. This way, you "own" the color and can add more Allied Brass accessories in that hue at no additional cost. How many colors do we offer? Almost to infinity. Read more about our color options and process

We can also customize certain pieces to meet your specs. We love to hear new ideas, so please reply to this email or contact usto talk about yours! 

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