The Benefits of Glass Shelves in Your Bathroom

You have to make many choices about what materials to use when designing or renovating a bathroom. These decisions will ultimately determine the appeal of the room to yourself and others. One of the best materials to use for a project is glass. Here are some of the benefits of glass shelves in your bathroom.

Room Looks Larger

Due to the translucent nature of the material, the viewer can see to the wall, even if there is glass there. This has the benefit of making the room appear larger while offering storage options. This allows for the incorporation of other open design techniques.

Visual Appeal

Glass adds an instant appeal anywhere you use it in the home. Not only does the glass create a timeless and classy look for the room, but it also helps to showcase whatever item is resting upon it. The viewer can see more of the object’s surface, making it more likely to catch our attention.

Just as Durable

The glass used to create glass shelves is just as durable as many other materials. But unlike metal or wood, glass doesn’t fall victim to rusting or warping. This makes it a much better option for any bathroom with a shower, because moisture can safely collect on the glass when it would ruin the surface of other materials.


One of the best things about glass is that it is transparent. This creates several additional benefits for design. Glass allows light to pass through it, diminishing shadows. Glass also makes it easier to find things if you are searching because you can see through the shelves.

These are only some of the benefits of glass shelves in your bathroom. When considering your next bathroom update, let the team at Allied Brass help you find the perfect brass glass shelves, handles, pulls, hinges, and other bathroom decoration essentials.