Allied Brass' four-tiered wall-mounted towel ladder made from brass and acrylic.

A lot of people unexpectedly found themselves sharing (or -re-sharing) a bathroom when the pandemic hit. Months later, they're still sharing and maybe getting a little frustrated.

If this sounds familiar, we can help! We have ready-made designer hardware solutions that makes the most of tight bathroom space. This ladder towel bar from our Pacific Beach collection is one example. 

Make Towels Readily Available

There are lots of ways to keep more towels in the bathroom. No one should get stuck without a towel or worse, a wet one!

A ladder towel bar is an excellent solution. Pacific Beach's is one of several we offer, which include all-brass towel ladders,  brass and acrylic combinations, and one made entirely from pipe. They come in four sizes - 18", 24", 30", and 36" - and in four tiers. Take a look at all our ladder towel bars! 

Train track towel shelves are one of our favorite extra- towel solutions. We remember them from motels we stayed at on family vacations at the Jersey Shore back in the day. (We were thrilled to learn that Commander-By-The-Sea is still in Wildwood Crest!)   With this in mind, we designed a bunch of towel shelves that range from a shelf like this one from our Pipeline collection that includes a towel bar: the Prestige Regal collection's train track shelf with hooks and a towel bar.

Our towel shelves come in several finishes and sizes; see all our towel shelves for details

Double towel bars are a third option and are among our most popular items. Many of them are double versions of our most popular "single" towel bars. Here's a double towel bar from our Prestige Que New collection. Look at our entire towel bar collection to see the variety of designs we offer.

If you enough floor space, you might want to consider multi-armed floor towel stands. Here's one with oval rings:

Others feature swiveling horizontal arms; arms with neat, precise curves; and double arm styles. 

Never Run Out of Toilet Paper

It's bad enough to emerge from a bath or shower without a dry towel in sight. But to run out of toilet paper? Ugh!

Over the past two years, we introduced several new double toilet paper rolls and triple roll options, available in horizontal and vertical styles. Many customers add a glass or wood shelf over the rolls - a great service in restrooms! Below is a triple-roll horizontal TP holder with a glass shelf from our Prestige Skyline collection.

We also offer five-roll holders like this one from our Waverly Place collection.

Other options include upright and horizontal TP holders with room for an extra roll.  Take a look at all our reserve TP holders.

Keep Bathroom Vanity Tops Clutter-Free

If your bathroom vanity top or sink area is too busy or too small to hold all the necessities, we suggest you look at our bathroom organizers

These all-brass accessories feature two rings to hold items like hair dryers, soap dishes, tumblers, or bottles, plus a 15" swivel towel bar. They mount to walls and include all necessary hardware. 

Our brass accessories are available in 17 different shades, while pipe-made accessories come in nine shades including camouflage. We can also customize for specific colors and styles. Contact us with your thoughts and questions!

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