Kitchen featuring Allied Brass accessories
We have a friend who used to wish for a new kitchen but remodeling it would be "such as hassle." Then the countertop began to separate and she had no choice but to move forward.

Now that she's green-lighted a professional remodel, we thought we'd share our ideas for kitchen hardware and accessories. 

Show Off Your Favorite Kitchenware

Our friend used to travel a lot and often came home with souvenirs like this coffee mug from New Orleans.

We know she uses it a lot (should we be worried?) so we recommend that she display this and her other favorites on a proper mug holder/organizer. We make several mug holders from actual pipe to hold four or six mugs each. 

They come as countertop pieces, and as wall-mounted or under-the-cabinet racks:

Mug holders come in nine shades - eight from our Pipeline collection, and in Camo from that particular collection.

Get a Stronger Paper Towel Holder

Our friend has a broken paper towel holder she bought a few years ago "that still works" but it will be tossed out with the 1960s cabinetry. So we urge her to get a sturdier one and place it where she can easily reach for paper towels. From the way she describes the new cabinets coming in, we think it would make sense for her to consider one of our under-the-counter paper towel holders like this one from our Montero collection. 

This one is made from brass and is shown with an antique copper finish, one of 17 available for our brass lines.

But, we know she doesn't really use paper towels all that often and when she does, it's usually when she's cooking so it might make sense for her to get a moveable countertop paper towel holder. We think she'd like this contemporary design in a bright polished brass finish.

Or we could recommend a paper towel holder that bolts to a wall like the holders below from our Retro Dot or Carolina collections, shown in satin nickel and Venetian bronze finishes.

A  paper towel holder with a shelf and perhaps a towel rack underneath to hold tea towels it would be great to hold her most-used spices. This one is from our Prestige Monte Carlo collection. 

Show Off Those Tea Towels!

Our friend also has quite a collection of tea towels, many featuring dog breeds she's owned and loved (Chihuahua, cocker spaniels, dachshunds). She'll have a lot of new counter space so she might consider a countertop towel holder we initially created for s vanity top towel holders  but have been popular in kitchens as well. 

This one is from our Clearview collection and features an acrylic stem and brass hardware and towel rings with a brushed bronze finish. We like this one for a kitchen because the rings take up little space. See our other vanity top towel stands

Accessories Can Make a Kitchen Whole

We're really happy for our friend. And while we know she's now reviewing new oven/ranges and dishwashers, we hope she'll remember that accessories can help make her new kitchen feel whole and just for her.

Do you know someone remodeling a kitchen? Consider these suggestions or an Allied Brass gift card (now 10% off regular prices) to help them decorate it with sturdy, designer hardware from Allied Brass.