There's a rainbow of colors for Allied Brass decorative hardware.

We've talked a lot about how accessories can really bring new energy into a room without the time and expense of a full-on remodel.

Once you decide which accessories to get, the next step is choosing a color - and we have a nearly-endless selection! 

We Offer 17 Striking Finishes for Brass Accessories

Even if you or a client is pretty settled on a accessory color scheme, it never hurts to look at the readily-available selections. In our case, that's 17 different finishes to choose from for our brass collections.

If that sounds like a lot, well, it is. Most manufacturers who sell direct from the floor offer a handful of finishes. But we like to offer a lot of choice, so we "settled" on 17 that range from the oil-rubbed bronze to shiny brass to a gleaming polished chrome.

Personally, we're quite taken with the brushed bronze finish, seen in this double robe hook from our South Beach collection

Click on the image above, and you can preview it closeup and in any of the 17 finishes.

8 Finishes for Pipe-Made Accessories

We began offering an accessory line made from real pipe a few years ago. We now offer severn finishes for all our Pipeline accessories, which include designer styled-products for bathrooms, powder rooms, and kitchens. 

Our Camo collection offers some of the same accessories in a camouflage finish. Here's an under-the counter/cabinet mug holder from this collection.

Monochromatic Colors Pop!

Allied Brass was founded in New York City, where people normally wear black or white depending on whether they had enough quarters to do laundry. Gray is popular, too.

With this background, we added matte black, white, and gray to our color palette for all our accessories.

We are pleased that people around the country like the matte colors, too, especially for smaller kitchens and bathrooms or powder rooms where they can really stand out. 

Here's a gray 6-hook set from our Mercury collection in matte gray. It's perfect for mudrooms and laundry rooms. Below is a wall-mounted soap dish in matte white from our Sag Harbor collection.

The Full Monty of Color Choices

We don't want to limit our customers' choices, so we partnered with Prismatic Powders to provide custom colors. Prismatic's 6,500+ colors make it the world's largest and most comprehensive line of powder coatings.

Like our own finishes, Prismatic coatings won't peel, rust, or fade with normal use. There is a one-time fee per color used, so going forward you'll "own" that color for future orders. Allied Brass handles all the details for custom colors - all you have to do is find the color and tell us.

Questions? Please contact us by phone, email, or by filling out our web form.