Practical Features To Include in a Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom can feel like it requires a Herculean feat of strength to successfully complete. There are many different options and styles you must decide upon before even beginning the project, not to mention all the intricacies of your home’s design that you must account for. With so many choices available, it becomes difficult to identify what is really useful and what options are better left on the store shelf. Here are some of the most practical features to include in a bathroom.


The biggest thing separating a bathroom from a restroom is the inclusion of a tub or shower for bathing. There are many shower upgrades available that can transform your morning shower time into a day at a spa.


A walk-in shower is a dream for many homeowners. There are many options available for walk-ins, including many prefab and custom options, some even without a door. It’s a bonus if the shower has seats for tasks such as shaving! Plus, the bench can serve as storage for shower necessities.


A simple way to instantly upgrade the shower experience is to replace your basic showerhead with an updated model. Quality handheld models are available for as little as $20 and allow more control when rinsing soap and shampoo away.

Garment Rods

There are a variety of uses for quality garment rods in your bathroom, including to hold hand towels, bath sheets, robes, and clothing. They are available in a wide variety of metal and glass finishes that complement any bathroom color, style, or aesthetic.

Flooring Upgrades

There are also several practical features to include in a bathroom to make the floor safer. One of these is slip-resistant flooring. Another option many homeowners want to include in their master bathroom is heated flooring, which is perfect when stepping out of the shower.

Safety Bars

Finally, the inclusion of safety grab bars throughout the bathroom can prevent serious injury and potential embarrassment. Installing grab bars in the shower and near the toilets prevents slip-and-fall incidents before they occur.