Allied Brass Pipeline collection 4-mug organizer, fits under counter
Is there anything under your counter?

Assuming you aren't afraid to look - this is underutilized space you can use to store and easily reach coffee mugs or paper towels.

Use Your Under Counter Space

Just like bathroom corners, the space under your counters or cabinets is often overlooked.

We created several under-the-counter paper towel holders to put this space to good use. Many of us struggle with crowded kitchen countertops that can become problematic  when the cook or chef is busy. It's so much easier for them to reach for paper towels stored away from spills or splatters.

Last year, we launched a line of mug organizers and included under-the-counter styles to hold four or six mugs. They are available through our
Pipeline collection in seven different finishes (including satin nickel above) and in the Camo collection we introduced in late 2019.

Both collections are made with actual pipe! Here's a six-holder from Camo:

Paper Towel Holders Fit Under Cabinets or Counters

If you use paper towels for cooking at least as much as you do to dry your hands or utensils, think about installing a paper towel holder under a counter or cabinet.
  • Paper towels are easy to reach
  • Towels are kept away from spills and splatter
  • Quickly replace empty rolls
  • Simple installation
All of our paper towel holders - whether under the counter, wall-mounted, or countertop styles - are free of springs or rollers. Just slide off an empty roll and slip on a new one.

We have a large selection of paper towel holders from our brass collections, too, including this from our
Montero collection in an antique copper finish, one of 17 standard finishes:

Here's a more traditional look, from our Carolina collection shown in an antique pewter finish:

Allied Brass' Limited Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping

Paper towel holders don't necessarily get gentle treatment. That's why we make ours with sturdy brass or pipe, materials that stand up to frantic tearing at paper towels (think spills) and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Use them as intended, and they won't disappoint.

We also ship all our products free throughout the US, and that includes Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

All products are designed and plated right here in our Virginia factory. Contact us with any questions you might have, including design and colorizing ideas!
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