European-style Bolero toilet paper holder from Allied Brass

When it comes to choosing bathroom accessories, you just can't go wrong with brass. It's highly resistant to moisture and has antibacterial qualities as well.

Three of our brass collections - Bolero, Foxtrot, and Mambo - focus on bathroom-only accessories. Working within one collection is the key to easily coordinate your accessories!

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more elegant toilet paper holder than the European style piece above from our Bolero collection. Or if you prefer space for a spare roll, there's an upright version as well:

Both are roller-free, with wonderful double-bubble features, and come in 17 standard finishes. Pair them with a towel ring from the same collection:

Mambo and Foxtrot, Not Only Classic Dances!

Just like the dances these collections were named for, our Mambo and Foxtrot collections evoke sleek, timeless styles. Think Swayze and Grey for Mambo, Rogers and Astaire for Foxtrot.

The Mambo collection features single bulbs with dotted detail like this robe hook below. It's inviting and casual but still elegant. It seems to say, "throw your bathrobe up here!"

Because it's made from 100% brass, a damp towel or robe won't ruin its shape or shade.

The Foxtrot tumbler and toothbrush holder below highlights the collection's sleek shape and elegant neck:

We're also quite fond of its cousin, the wall-mounted soap dish:

Glass Shelves from Foxtrot and Mambo

We would be seriously remiss if we didn't mention the glass shelves prominent in the Foxtrot and Mambo collections. They come as single, double, and triple shelves, some with a towel bar underneath like this Mambo triple-shelf:

There are also shelves made to fit in corners like this triple-tiered shelf from Foxtrot.

A two-tier version is also available.

We also offer custom coloring, available for a one-time fee, allowing you to "own" the color going forward for other accessories you may want now or in the future. We can also customize many of our accessories. Contact us today with any questions or comments - we love to hear from our customers!

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