Shower door pull, exterior only made with brass and acrylic
One of the questions we faced at home was whether to put up a shower door or a shower curtain when we remodeled our master bath.

If  you're facing the same issue, we can help! We design and sell beautiful shower door and shower curtain hardware

Our Shower Door Hardware Offers Lots of Options

We decided on shower doors because our unusual older house features a 3/4 master bath. The shower space takes up less space than a typical tub. It's a very small bathroom, so glass doors give the bathroom itself a larger feel.

Choosing hardware was actually fun. We liked the pull like the one shown above, from our Clearview collection, but decided on door pulls that doubled as towel bars since wall space is limited. Incidentally, Allied Brass shower door pulls come in three sizes: 8", 12" and 18".

Here's an example of a beautiful brass and acrylic combination shower door pull and towel bar from our Pacific Grove collection. It has a satin brass finish and attaches to both sides of a shower door.

Note the twisted detail on the rings that secure the bar in place. Other styles include smooth, dotted, and grooved detail. Shower door towel bar/pull combos come in three sizes: 18", 24", and 30".

Take a look at all of our shower door hardware, which includes pulls and towel bar/pull combinations that fit on one or both sides of a door. All are available in 17 different standard finishes.

Shower Curtains - It's All in the Brackets!

Shower curtains offer nearly endless designs. They can create a whole new level of style or mood for bathrooms of all sizes.

You want sturdy hardware that will keep those curtains in place, of course, but did you know there's hardware that can also complement your shower curtain and even overall bathroom decor?

Take a look at this bracket from our Montero collection, one of a pair. They're perfect for the modern, blocky decor popular in newer homes and especially condos.

Here are other bracket styles from our Waverly Place and Monte Carlo collections.

Note the intricate design of leaves and vines on the Monte Carlo plate.

Check out our full collection of shower curtain brackets, including brass rods that extend up to 72".

Decisions, Decisions: Shower Door or Curtain?

Let's admit it - most of us now have a new respect for friends and family we once teased as germaphobes. 

The renewed focus on clean focuses on doorknobs, kitchens, and bathrooms. And if you're remodeling a bathroom, you are no doubt taking another look at shower doors that won't develop mildew or mold "overnight" or take on a weird smell.

Here are two things to consider:
  1. Shower curtains and liners can and should be regularly laundered
  2. Lysol works really well to prevent mildew shower curtain liners
But -
  1. Shower doors visually show when it's time to clean
  2. Your can order doors with coatings to resist limescale are visibly clean
Personally, we lean toward shower curtains for bathtubs and combinations. Shower doors can make it a bit difficult to get in and out of a tub from a sitting position. They can be an obstacle if you're bathing children and doing the inevitable deep clean. 

If you do opt for shower doors, use a squeegee after each shower to keep the glass clean and spot-free. And yes, we do have squeegees!

Brass is Best for Bathrooms

Brass is exceptionally good for bathroom accessories because it is highly resistant to moisture and won't rust. 

Brass also has some antimicrobial qualities thanks to the copper and zinc that make up this alloy. Research shows that copper alloys like brass destroys bacteria like MRSA, e-Coli, and possibly coronaviruses. Here's a fascinating article on old and new findings about 

copper's protective qualities.


Finally, the finishes we use on brass products won't fade or peel. We're so confident in the quality of our products we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of them.

Questions? Contact Allied Brass

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