Combination glass shelf and paper towel holder Allied Brass
We recently saw a photo on Twitter for a 2BR in Boston (near Fenway!) that showed a really nice galley kitchen. It was a little startling to see it because our Twitter feed usually shows kitchens larger than our first apartment!

Still, it reminded us that people like space-saving accessories even if they are blessed with full-size kitchens. 

Our Accessories Combine Function and Organization

We also saw a clever tweet asking:

"Can we just invent a Replicator already... My kitchen counter is full of devices."

We quickly replied to this fellow Trekker to alert her to our accessories like the combination shelf and paper towel holder above (from our Prestige Monte Carlo collection) and other space-saving ideas for the kitchen.

Most of our paper towel holders are designed to save space by mounting to a wall or under a counter:



We think Spock would agree an under-the-counter paper towel holder is a logical solution to a space (as in kitchen space) problem. Take a look at all our paper towel holders.

Declutter the Coffee Mugs

Coffee is very important in our home and office. Mugs must be accessible.

We introduced mug holders/organizers about a year ago. They keep mugs handy and in one place where they won't clutter up a counter or valuable cabinet space. 

In addition to the countertop style...

...we also have mug holders that mount to walls or under a counter for ultimate space saving! 

These are from our popular Pipeline collection and are available in a camouflage color from our Camo collection.

All styles hold 4 or 6 mugs. See all our coffee mug organizers

Sturdy Multi-Tiered Shelves

Multi-tiered shelves store everything from cookbooks to spices that you want to be able to quickly grab. We sell two and three-tiered glass and wood shelves and in single tiers as well.

Here's a three-tiered glass shelf from our Mambo collection and a double wood shelf from Pipeline:


Many of our shelves include towel bars underneath them as well to hold hand towels or tea towels.

Don't worry that our glass shelves are too delicate to use. They're made with safety glass which is about three times stronger than regular glass.

The wood shelves are made with the same hardwood used for many boardwalks and decks.

Visit our website to see more categories and our 38 home accessory collections.

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