Kitchen cabinet hardware

More Places to Add Color

Accessory finishes
With all the new colors we added to our collection, we figured it's time to highlight more places to add color with Allied Brass decorative hardware.
Brass door pulls for closets and appliances

Accessorizing Doors and Appliances

Appliance pulls

Why should you feel stuck with a door handle you don't like? Or one that has to be replaced because it came off when someone gave it an enthusiastic pull to get to the pie? We have an exciting line of refrigerator door pulls made from sturdy brass that fit securely into place with hardware we provide.

Shower door pull, exterior only made with brass and acrylic

Shower Curtain or Door? We've Got the Hardware!

brass and acrylic
If you're trying to decide whether to install shower doors or hang a shower curtain in your bathroom, we can help! We design and sell beautiful shower door and shower curtain hardware. 
White kitchen cabinets with long door pulls.

Decorative Door Pulls

cabinet doors
Give your cabinets and draws great-looking pulls to underscore room decor or add an interesting contrast.