Brass door pulls for closets and appliances

Have you thought about accessorizing the appliances doors in your kitchen? Or changing out boring knobs or pulls for something more stylish?

Most people don't think about this until a handle falls off an oven or fridge. Or maybe they knew right away they didn't like what they saw.

You don't have to settle for what the major manufacturers put on their products - and if you want something more stylish to open the door to an interior room or closet - go for it!

Accessorize With Stylish Brass Appliance and Door Pulls 

So let's say you get a new smart fridge with all the fun accessories like see-through glass that you knock or tap to light up the inside to see what's in there without opening the door.

But, you still have to open the door. And why should you feel stuck with a door handle you don't like? Or worse, one that has to be replaced because it came off when someone gave it an enthusiastic pull ("I saw the pie!")?

We have an exciting line of refrigerator door pulls made from sturdy brass that fit securely into place with hardware we provide.

Our appliance door pulls are perfect for French-door style fridge/freezers.

18" brass appliance pulls for French door fridge/freezer combos

Finish: Polished Chrome

Here's a pair used for a full-size refrigerator and freezer.

18 inch decorative freezer and fridge pulls

Retro Wave collection. Finish: Matte Gray

By the way, you can select different finishes for freezer and fridge. How about a flat blue finish for a freezer pull? We now offer more standard finishes than ever - click on any image to see color samples.

For smaller appliances like wine coolers, we have shorter door pulls. This one includes cool details like grooved ring designs.

Matte white brass refrigerator pull with grooved ring detail

Matt White Finish

Click on the image to see three other ring designs and many more finishes.

These options are also available for an 18" refrigerator-size appliance pull.

Dress Up That Door!

We think closet doors are perfect candidates for smart-looking door pulls that reflect what's inside.

For example, if you're the type who goes out on the town a lot, this door pull from our Carolina Crystal collection in an antique pewter finish could be the perfect fit: 

Brass door pull with inlay crystal and antique pewter finish
Accessories in this collection all feature inlaid crystal glass. Carolina Crystal's door pulls from  come in three sizes: 8", 12", and 18".
Here's a popular 8" door pull, shown in an antique copper finish:
Most of our other door handles are available in 8" and 12". Contact us if you don't find your choice in a size you want or want to add a ring design - we can easily customize for these options.
If you're looking for cabinet pulls, be sure to see our large selection of brass cabinet hardware, including smaller pulls (3", 5", and 6") and knobs. 


Remember, all our products are assembled in the US, with brass sourced from around the world. Shipping remains free throughout the nation!

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