European-style TP holder from Allied Brass Tribeca collection
We offer a lot of TP holder styles to fit every decor and need. From traditional, two-post toilet tissue holders to cool European styles seen in this piece from our Tribeca collection, we've got every style covered for your bathroom, powder room, and even office restroom. 

Our TP holder lineup is one of our largest, with designs to fit every budget and style. If you're upgrading a bathroom, powder room, or office restroom, you'll be glad to hear that we offer free shipping everywhere in the U.S.

What's Your Powder Room/Bathroom Style?

Our accessories range from modern to retro to camo, with a lot in between. 

For example, the Tribeca accessory above is more detailed than most of the European-style, no-roller TP holders in our catalog. This one, from our Montero collection, is a bit simpler (and blockier - our salute to Cubism), is somewhat more typical although its horizontal arm is a feature of this particular collection. The finish is a warm brushed bronze.

Here's a traditional, two-post toilet paper holder from our Retro Dot collection. It's finished in a matte gray.

And since we brought it up, here's a roller-free, double-roll holder from our Camo collection made from pipe and finished in a forest camo look.

We admit a preference for upright TP holders, like this one from our traditional Foxtrot collection. Its finish is antique copper and can hold two rolls - very useful while the young adults here are still taking college courses online at home.

If you like a mixed-material look, we have three collections that feature clear acrylic inserted into the brass structure. Here's a traditional, two-post holder from our Clearview collection.

Note the twisted detail on the rings that anchor the roller (which, btw, is constructed from the same sturdy brass as the rest of the accessory - no spring will fly out from this TP holder!). This piece and accessories in a few other collections offer 4 ring styles - twisted, grooved, dotted, and smooth. Click on the image to preview different styles and finishes.

Above is a 2-post recessed TP holder with a shiny polished brass finish from our Pacific Grove collection. Note the acrylic inlay and the dotted ring design. Be sure to see our Pacific Beach collection for more acrylic and brass combinations.

Freestanding TP Holders

Some people like freestanding accessories. We have more than 20 freestanding toilet tissue holders. Some, like the one shown below in a satin chrome finish, hold two rolls. 

Our freestanding TP holder stands are 26" -  29" high. Their bases are weighted to prevent tipping.

TP Holders with Shelves

A few years ago, we thought it would be useful to offer TP holders with shelves. We expected they would be popular in office restrooms, which they are, but we've also learned people like them for powder rooms and even their private bathrooms. (It seems that the pandemic has renewed interest in crossword puzzles and sudoko.)

This one from our Pipeline collection, has a solid wood shelf and is made from pipe, just like our Camo collection. It's finished in satin nickel, one of seven offered for this collection. 

Customers asked, why just wood shelves? So we added glass shelves to Pipeline and several other collections like this one from our Que New collection, one of several that feature two- and three-roll holders with shelves. They are available in horizontal and vertical styles, and with the wood shelf option as well.

Shelves are made with strong safety glass that is about 3 times stronger than regular, untreated glass. If they should break they crumble into chunks rather than sharp shards. 

Ready to toss that plastic thing in your bathroom or powder room? Our TP holders start at about $46 and are a heck of a lot more attractive and sturdy! Indulge yourself and take a look at our collection of 160+ TP holders and freestanding holders. 
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