Corner shower basket

"That's me in the corner."

Lots of us are rediscovering music we listened to in years past. REM has always been with us, especially when we consider our corner shelves and shower baskets.

(Oh no we said too much...we haven't said enough.)

Consider this: We're putting our corner accessories in the spotlight.  

OK, it's kind of a glum song but now that it's your earworm for today, we might as well keep with the corner theme.

Don't Overlook Corner Space

Corners are often overlooked as a useful space. This is particularly true in bathrooms. If you're decorating a small or shared bathroom, you want to use every bit of space it has. This is where our corner baskets and shelves are as useful as they are attractive.

Need more space? We have multi-level baskets and shelves to fit in the corner:


Accessories Won't Rust, Peel, or Fade - Even in the Shower!

Our baskets and corner shelves are made from sturdy, 100% moisture-resistant brass. Choose from 17 different finishes that won't rust, fade or peel, or a custom color for a modest fee. Going forward, you "own" that color for future purchases.

We use thick tempered glass on our shelves that's about four times stronger than regular glass.

The baskets are perfect to install in shower corners. The ventilated design lets water drain, preserving less rust-resistant items lik
e razor blades. They're easy to clean, too: a quick wipe down does the job.

See our full collections of shower baskets and glass shelves. Like all Allied Brass products, they come with a limited lifetime warranty and ship free anywhere in the US.

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