Wall mounted brass six mug holder

The best part of waking up...is a fresh coffee mug ready to be filled.

No one should scramble to find a coffee mug. A four- or six-hook mug holder from Allied Brass saves so much aggravation!

Three Ways to Serve Up Coffee Mugs

We created our mug holders to organize coffee mugs, especially in office kitchens filled with abandoned mugs, sometimes unwashed! We knew we had to create a solution.

The first design was an attractive countertop mug - stylish enough to use at home or in the office:

Four-hook brass mug holderFinish: Brushed Bronze

Notice the decorative rings at the top and the base of the main stem. They have a   grooved design, one of four that we offer for our house design mug holders. You can also select a smooth, grooved, or dotted ring - just click on the image to go to the product page to preview rings and several standard finishes.

This mug holder is also available with six hooks:


Brass countertop 6-mug holder


Finish: Antique Brass. Smooth ring detail.

This prototype was so popular, we quickly decided to expand the ways people can organize mugs - especially in kitchens where space can be limited. We came up with two more designs.

More Designs to Organize Mugs

We designed under-the-counter mug holders to make the most out of limited space. The concept was introduced in our popular Pipeline collection:


Pipeline collection four-hook under the counter mug organizer


Finish: Antique Bronze

As our regular readers know, we added several new colors to our collections this year. Here's a six-mug, under-the-counter Pipeline mug holder in Fire Engine Red:

Red 6-hook brass coffee mug holderClick on either image to see more colors including:
  • Pink
  • Golden Yellow
  • Autumn Sparkle
  • Sea Foam Green

We already had wall-mounted paper towel holders for kitchens, so it was an easy step to introduce wall-mounted coffee mug holders like this one from Pipeline:

Four hook brass wall mounted coffee mug organizer blue

 Finish: Flat Troll Blue

This is available with six mug hooks as well.

An Organized Kitchen is...Peaceful

An organized kitchen is a peaceful one where you can take a quiet break or enjoy a quick lunch. 

We can't make a leap to say that our coffee mugs will force scofflaws to wake up and clean up their messes. But we can say that a kitchen that's easy to clean and organize - especially an office kitchen - encourages more people to keep it tidy.

Put up a soap dispenser to provide a visual nudge to wash hands in the restroom or kitchenware in the office.

Monte Carlo collection. Finish: Satin Chrome

Handy paper towel dispensers are just as essential: 


Wall-mounted roller less brass paper towel holder
Fresno Collection. Finish: Venetian Bronze.


Keep sponges or cleaning rags in a wall-mounted brass basket.


Wall mounted brass soap basket


Finish: Polished Brass

You get the idea. Read more about stylish and essential office kitchen hardware and accessories made to last!



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