The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Home Accessories

Several of our hardware accessories are available as wall-mounted and countertop (or vanity top) styles.

We offer this choice for several reasons. For example, wall-mounted accessories can be placed out of reach from small children. However, countertop, or vanity top accessories, can be moved around as needed.

Today, we discuss the benefits of wall-mounted accessories. 

Wall-Mounted Accessories Are Safer and More Stable

As we noted, this is a good thing in homes and other places where young children are around.

For that reason, our votive candle holders and incense stick holders are only available in wall-mounted models. 

Moreover, we use thick safety glass to minimize any contact between lit candles and incense sticks and flammable materials, including clothing. The National Fire Protection Association recommends keeping lit candles 12 inches from anything that can burn. 

Brass and glass wall mounted incense stick holder
Waverly Place collection, Brushed Bronze Finish, one of 17 finishes offered
Read more about our safe incense burners.

Wall mounted brass votive candle holder

Montero Collection, Antique Brass Finish


While incense fires are relatively rare, they do happen. A tabletop incense holder can topple over. A length of burning tip can fall on a carpet. We've found more than one news story about fires caused by burning incense.

Wall-Mounted Accessories Don't Take Up Countertop or Vanity Top Space

For accessories that don't involve smoke or flame, the decision often comes down to personal presences and the available space.

Many of our customers choose wall-mounted options because they have limited countertop or vanity top space. This is especially notable in bathrooms and smaller kitchens.

For that reason, we offer several wall-mounted options for our paper towel holders and mug organizers:

Wall mounted brass paper towel holder

Carolina Collection, shown in Polished Nickel Finish


 Wall mounted brass paper towel holder

Prestige Que New collection, Antique Bronze Finish


Several collections feature paper towel holders with thick safety glass shelves over them. Here's one from our Dottingham collection, one of our largest.

Brass paper towel holder with safety glass shelf

Finish: Polished Chrome


Our Pipeline and Camo collections feature accessories made from actual pipe. Wall-mounted mug holders are only available in these collections and hold four to six mugs. Here's a four-mug wall-mounted mug holder from Pipeline:

Wall mounted mug holder

Finish: Matte Gray, one of eight finishes offered in the Pipeline collection. 


And finally, we have wall-mounted toothbrush/tumbler holders and soap dishes and soap dispensers in dozens of attractive styles. 

Wall-mounted brass toothbrush tumbler holder with acrylic inlay

Pacific Beach Collection, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Wall mounted brass soap dish

Continental Collection, Antique Copper Finish

Use the Space Under the Cabinets, Too!

We added under the counter options for several of our paper towel holders like this one from our Fresno collection:

Brass under the counter paper towel holder

Finish: Polished Brass


Mug holders from our Pipeline and Camo collections offer under-the-counter options. Here's an example from our Camo collection - in action!

We'll discuss the benefits of counter top or vanity top accessories in a post coming soon. 

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