Wall-mounted safety incense stick holder from Allied Brass

We weren't surprised to read a few months ago that the pandemic increased incense sales this past year. Many people find that burning incense is soothing - we agree.

We do worry, though, about accidents with anything that's actually lit (more on that later) and went to our drawing board a few years ago for a safety-minded solution. We came up with wall-mounted incense stick holders made with sturdy brass and thick glass containers like one above from our Que New collection, shown with a satin chrome finish

Burning Incense Worry-Free

A few years back, we accidentally knocked over a tabletop incense burner we kept in the bathroom, a cute little teepee that held incense cones. Luckily, it spilled over into a sink so there was no harm. But we knew we had to find a better way to burn incense.

Allied Brass' wall-mounted incense stick holders are a perfect solution. They're attractive and easy to install. Below is one from our modern Montero collection with an antique pewter finish.

wall-mounted incense stick holder

Each incense stick holer holder is available in 17 different finishes including unlacquered brass that has no protective coating (left "raw") and darkens into the shade you want. The finish can be preserved with a clear lacquered coat or wax and later polished back to another shade. We can even finish a holder in a custom color for a small, one-time fee.

We added incense stick holder to six of our collections:

  • Montero (shown above)
  • Dottingham
  • Prestige Regal
  • Prestige Skyline
  • Que New
  • Waverly Place
See them all here.

The holders are made from sturdy, 100% brass with removable safety glass containers. Metal screw-on tops keep the sticks in place - no more spills, burns, or other hazards! 

Like all our products, our incense stick holders come with a limited lifetime warranty and ship free throughout the U.S.

Safely Holds Different Size Incense Sticks

Incense sticks come in different sizes, so we made sure our metal tops can accommodate about a half-dozen standard thin size sticks, or one of the thicker, longer-burning sticks.

There are nearly endless scents available in sticks, which come in attractive packages at reasonable prices. Like many stick manufacturers and crafters, we recommend burning any incense in a well-ventilated area.

We haven't seen other wall-mounted stick holders. There are lots of countertop and hanging models, but we haven't found any like ours.

Incense is Used to Heighten Awareness and Relax

It may sound contradictory, but incense helps people relax and heighten their awareness. That's why it's used in many Eastern religious rituals and is popular among people who practice yoga and meditation. 

Why does incense help people relax? Probably because it's associated with ritual. Many Eastern religions use incense to purify surroundings to please buddhas, deities, and deceased ancestors. Similarly, Orthodox priest cleanse the air with a thurifer before a liturgy. The Jewish Havdelah ceremony at the end of Shabbat (Sabbath) includes burning sweet spices. And yes, there is a blessing for pleasant smells.

There are tons of different incense scents used to help people relax, energize, and clear their heads. Because incense sticks burn pretty quickly, they're great to use for a 15-minute break when you're working from home!

Here are Bob Villa's (yes, you read that right) selections for Best Incense Options for 2021. 

Incense stick holders