Tips for Designing the Ideal Bathroom Vanity

Installing a new vanity in your bathroom is a fun upgrade to breathe new life into the room. The best way to maximize your enjoyment of the new installation is by properly planning out the work before it begins. Here are a few tips for designing the ideal bathroom vanity for your space.

Bathroom Lifestyle

The bathroom layout will play a massive part in your vanity project. Considerations should include the bathroom’s size, who will be using it, and it’s style, among many other things. Your vanity must match the lifestyle of those using the bathroom.

Number of Sinks

Many homeowners prefer having two sinks for the bathroom, especially if it’s for a master bathroom. Dual sinks allow more efficient usage of the room when multiple people need the space simultaneously. But while the preference may be for multiple sinks, the reality of space dictates the majority of vanities less than 60 inches wide have a single one.


The rest of your bathroom’s style should play a role in choosing your vanity. Pick a theme for the room and stay consistent with it. This style decision will impact many of the materials and appearance options for your vanity and many other items in the bathroom.


The next tips for designing the ideal bathroom vanity are for selecting the best countertop options. Much like choosing a matching style, there are many different options available to match any budget. Be sure to ask how often your countertops will require resealing. You should also ensure the structure for your vanity can support the countertop's weight before installing everything.


The last thing to do when installing a new bathroom vanity is to consider the accessories that come along with it. These can include everything from brass wall mirrors and towel racks down to the soap dispensers and shower curtain. Ensure all the pieces throughout the room compliment the vanity’s appearance and don’t create visual conflict.