Brass squeegee with mounting hook

Your shower is pretty clean, right? But does it also look clean? Even if you cleaned it yesterday, just rinsing off whatever cleaner you use can leave water stains, especially on glass doors.

Enter the squeegee.

Squeegees are Very Effective Cleaners

Does the word "squeegee" makes you think of those gross window cleaning things at gas stations? It's ok. We don't use them, either.

But we do faithfully squeegee our shower, which has glass doors.

Today's squeegees are tools used by cleaning pros like Merry Maids, who recommend using them after each and every shower to wipe away water before it stains tiles and glass. They're easy to use, work quickly, and are low-maintenance.

The one drawbacks are remembering to use them and getting a technique down. We've done just fine with vertical squeegee wipes on our shower doors.

Treat Yourself to an Attractive Squeegee

Your bathroom should be one of your happy places, where you pamper yourself and your shower.

It's important to keep a shower clean, especially in summer when lots of people shower more often.  You probably pay as much attention to the shower cleaner you use as you do to your soap, body wash, and shampoo. After all, you're standing in there for at least a few minutes every day!

After you rinse away the cleaner, you can wipe it with yet another cloth, or give yourself a break and use an attractive squeegee you can hang in your shower.

Here's what we're talking about:

Brass squeegee with wavy handle gripThis is an all-brass squeegee with a wavy handle for easy gripping. It comes with a mounting hook that's also made with brass. This squeegee has a cool satin nickel finish that won't rust, peel, or fade. It's one of 17 finishes we offer. Click on the photo to preview other finishes and get close-up views.

We also offer a squeegee with a smooth handle. This one is shown with an antique copper finish.

Brass squeegee with smooth handle and hook

Our Squeegees Will Last a Long Time

Our squeegees are built to last with normal, everyday use. They come with a 10" blade that's easy to replace. Some people flip the blade to use the other side before replacing it altogether.

Installment hardware is included along with instructions. Shipping is free throughout the U.S.

Moisture Won't Harm Your Brass Squeegee

Brass is very resistant to moisture. Because it doesn't contain iron, it won't rust. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which both carry antibacterial qualities and can actually kill germs that come into contact with them. The copper also strengthens brass. 

Unlacquered brass - brass without a finish - won't rust or peel, either, but it will change its patina over time to a darker shade that some people really love. It can then be polished back to its original shine. We offered an unlacaquered option on all our brass products.