Which Rooms Can I Use a Ceiling Hung Mirror In?

Have you seen images of gorgeous homes with fancy dangling mirrors? You may think the concept is nice but still wonder which rooms you can use a ceiling hung mirror in. It may surprise you to discover just how many ways there are to incorporate this fixture into your home. Keep reading to find out how a ceiling hung mirror can benefit your home and which rooms you could consider placing one in.


The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that needs a mirror the most, but there might not always be room for one. Having a mirror in the bathroom is key because daily tasks like brushing teeth, putting on makeup, and styling hair would be very difficult without one. However, smaller bathrooms may not have the wall space for a full-sized mirror. This is where ceiling hung mirrors come in. Not only are they functional, but ceiling hung mirrors are also stylish. They can add a touch of modern flair to your bathroom or any room of your home.


Ceiling hung mirrors are also popular for bedrooms. Full-length mirrors are great to have in your bedroom for modeling your outfit. Mirrors also serve many interior design purposes; a mirror in the bedroom can help give the illusion of more space, improve the room’s lighting, and can even act as a statement piece. If your master bedroom is on the smaller side, a ceiling hung mirror can help it look larger and roomier as well as more stylish.

Other Spaces

You can place this fixture in a variety of rooms around your house. A ceiling hung mirror would be a great addition to an open concept kitchen because it helps divide the space naturally. Another great option for this addition would be a walk-in closet, as wall space is slim, and it could give the appearance of more space. A mirror is also great to have in your closet for trying on and modeling different outfits.

We hope this has helped address the question of which rooms you can use a ceiling hung mirror in. These installations are a great option for anyone looking to add a piece of modern style to any room of their home. They can help make a room look larger or even act as a divider in larger rooms. No matter your space, you can find a place for a ceiling hung mirror.