Camo collection under cabinet mug rack from Allied Brass

A while back, we offered tips on accessorizing a new kitchen for a friend who was remodeling her Beatles-era kitchen. 

She's got lots more room now to twist and shout and cook, fry, bake, and broil. But what about the rest of us who aren't ready to remodel? Today we offer ways to get more space out of your kitchen without construction and contractor involvement.

There's Tons of Space Under Cabinets

What's going on underneath your cabinets?

If your answer is "nothing," then you've found the motherlode of unused kitchen space. Here at Allied Brass, we've created a lot of decorative hardware and home accessories that put this space to work!

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

We'll start with paper towel holders.

If you have a small-dish kitchen - think galley kitchen - you probably don't want to sacrifice valuable countertop space for a paper towel holder.  And you might not have wall space for a wall-mounted one.

We solved this idea with under cabinet paper towel holders like this one from our Pipeline collection:

Under counter paper towel holder Allied Brass

This is a great addition for small galley kitchens that usually have an industrial feel if not actual decor. The satin nickel finish on this paper towel holder really brings it home. Click on any image to preview different finishes and angles.

There are seven other finishes in this collection including matte black, white, and gray, as well as camoflage from our Camo collection.

Maybe you want a modern but not industrial look. Our Montero collection has a definite contemporary look with its blocky details. Here's the under cabinet paper towel holder from this collection, shown in an antique copper finish, one of 17 available for all our brass accessories:

If your taste is more traditional or formal, consider this under cabinet paper towel holder from our Prestige Que New collection. This one has a gleaming polished brass finish.

Under Cabinet Mug Holders

If you don't need caffeine in the morning, well bully for you. Most people we know need a cup of coffee or maybe tea at some point during the day. 

Like our paper towel holders, our mug holders come in three styles: countertop, wall-mounted, and under cabinet. They come with four or six hooks. Under counter models are found in our Camo and Pipeline collections. Here's a six-hook set from Camo:

Under counter six mug holder

Our countertop mug holders are also pretty economical on space. Here's a four-mug holder in a brushed bronze finish:

Countertop four mug holder

Note the grooved ring detail at the top and at the base. Click on the image to preview other ring styles (twisted, dotted, and smooth) and finishes.

Got Some Wall Space? Add a Shelf.

If you have a bit of wall space, consider putting up a shelf. Our sturdy shelves are made with pipe and brass hardware with shelves made with safety glass and hardwood. Shelves come in two sizes: 16" and 22".

They are available as single, double, and triple shelves, with options to add galley bars or a towel holder underneath. Or customize for both.

Here's a double glass shelf with towel holder from our Carolina collection, shown with an antique pewter finish on the brass:

Double glass shelf with towel barEven better, we have shelves with paper towel holders underneath, like this glass one from our Prestige Regal collection, shown in a polished chrome finish.

Glass shelf with paper towel holder

Take a look at our wood and glass shelves to see more options.

Other space savers include hooks and multi hooks. Browse our site today for more space-saving ideas!

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