How To Choose the Right Sized Mirror for a Vanity

Have you ever visited a restaurant or hotel bathroom that didn’t feature a mirror? It feels like it’s missing something. A mirror is a key component to any bathroom layout and is almost always found over the vanity. Mirrors are perfect over a bathroom vanity for brushing teeth, applying makeup, and everyday use. If you are missing one, it may be hard to know how to choose the right sized mirror for a vanity. That is why we have prepared this guide for all the things to consider when choosing a mirror to pair with your vanity.

Measure Your Vanity

You’ll want to start out by measuring your vanity counter space. When choosing a vanity mirror, it is common practice to go with a mirror that is horizontally shorter than the countertop. Most interior designers recommend a mirror that is one to two inches shorter in width than your vanity. Do note that this measurement includes the frame around your mirror, if applicable. However, this is a personal choice, so feel free to break this rule as you see fit for your room.

As for how tall you want the height of your mirror to be, make sure that you measure where the top of your head would reach on the wall. You want the mirror to reflect your entire figure (and sometimes even your whole body if you prefer a full-length mirror), so allow plenty of room for the top of your head.

Number of Mirrors

Some bathroom vanities are much longer and feature two sink fixtures. If this is the case for you, you may want to split your mirror into two, placing one above each sink. You can use the same rules applied above (or break them, if desired) to choose and place your double mirrors. You want to center the mirrors over each sink and compare them with the width of the counter. Make sure that the mirror doesn’t extend longer than the counter, and make sure to leave enough room for the top of your head height-wise.

Style of Mirror

There are also several styles of mirror to consider for your vanity. Some mirrors have detailed wood or stone borders, while others do not. For example, Allied Brass features brass wall mirrors that have no border and are suspended by beautiful brass installations. When taking your measurements, make sure to include the mirror’s border in your measurements. You can incorporate different mirror shapes into your bathroom’s style as well, using the same measurement technique listed above.

To your vanity and overall bathroom, a mirror is not only used for functionality but also style. Make use of these tips on how to choose the right sized mirror for a vanity during your next project, and you’ll be measuring and designing your space like a pro.