Refrigerator and freezer appliance pulls

Are you looking for ways to accessorize the doors on cabinets and appliances? Great - because we think these doors are often overlooked.

We'll forgive you if you thought this was another discussion about rock bands we love - and we do love The Doors - but we want to talk about our handsome and sturdy door pulls. Heck, they practically say, "Touch me babe."

And you know what? You can touch, tug, and clutch our appliance and door pulls without worrying they might fall apart, rust, peel, or fade with normal use. They are not afraid; they are backed with a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 

Solid, Strong Door Pulls Made From Pipe and Brass

As our name implies, we design and manufacture decorative hardware made from brass. We also added pipe-made products to our inventory a few years ago because pipe is one cool and robust metal.

Here's a cabinet door pull from our Pipeline collection in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, one of eight finishes offered in this collection. 

Door pull made from pipe

This pull is available in three sizes: 8", 12" and 18". We think it's a great addition to cabinets in workshops, garages, and cabins.

It's also available with a camouflage finish featured throughout our pipe-made Camo collection.

Browse our site, and you'll notice some collections and individual accessories offer ring design. Here's a 10" brass door pull that features twisted rings, one of for styles:

8 inch door pull with decorative rings

Getting Down to Brass Appliance Pulls

Of course, most of our designs and catalog feature brass. It's what we are!

All our appliance pulls are made from brass. Brass conducts heat very well so you can install these pulls on oven doors as well as on refrigerators. 

These aren't run-of-the-mill appliance doors either. This one from our Retro Wave collection is shown in a rich satin brass finish that matches its dramatic design:

18 inch refrigerator pull satin brass finish

 This refrigerator pull aloso features decorative rings. The one below shows a grooved design and has a satin chrome finish: 

18 inch refrigerator pull grooved ring design

Click on any of these images to preview for size, design options, and finishes.

Custom Color Your Door Pulls

We offer 17 standard finishes for all our brass products, more than you'll find from most manufacturers. However, we have plenty of customers who understand that accessories can complement or contrast surrounding decor.Prismatic Powders offers a huge variety of custom colors for your accessories

So we partnered with the coloring experts at Prismatic Powders and offer this unique service: for a small, one-time fee, you'll "own" your custom color going forward. You won't be charged for any future orders in that color.

Imagine a bright door pull finished in Lollypop Red  against a slate fridge. How about one finished in Silver Artery with a black oven? The options are nearly endless!