Are Glass Shelves Safe To Use in My Bathroom?

Glass shelves are a stylish choice for bathroom storage and décor, but some are hesitant to choose them. We often get the question, “Are glass shelves safe to use in my bathroom?” For most, the answer is yes, go for it! But for those who are still considering, here is a list of everything to consider when choosing the right shelves for your bathroom.

Tempered Glass

Glass shelves are most commonly made with tempered glass, which is a stronger and reinforced type of glass. This glass is thermally and chemically treated to be more durable and smooth, without rough edges. Tempered glass is also a much safer material in general than standard glass. When tempered glass shatters, it is designed to break into cube-like pieces rather than the sharp, dangerous shards of regular glass. Still, it’s advisable to keep glass shelves out of reach of children and pets, as even tempered glass has a weight limit and can be broken or damaged by a curious child or pet.


There are different options when it comes to glass shelves. If you are thinking of glass shelving, consider what kind of objects you want to store or display on them. The thickness of a sheet of glass determines what items could be placed on it. Look for sheets about 4 mm thick for holding basic amenities like bottles and towels, while 8-10 mm sheets are better for holding books and heavier decorations. Make sure not to put too much weight on one shelf, to avoid the glass warping or breaking entirely.


Assembling glass shelves is not a difficult process but should be done with care for a safe installation. Glass shelves are usually hung using clamps or brackets, and these can support a fair amount of weight. Make sure to measure twice and use a level to ensure your shelves will be flat and even. When installing the glass portion, make sure the clamps are tight enough to hold the glass in place, especially once you place items on it. You don’t want the clamps to be too tight, however, which could cause tension in the glass, resulting in fractures or shattering.


We hope this answers any questions you have about whether glass shelves are safe to use in the bathroom and alleviates any worries you may have about their safety. If you have decided to go with glass shelving, check out Allied Brass’s line of brass glass shelves to add some style to your bathroom! These shelves are terrific for storage and add sleek style to any bathroom’s décor.