Shower door towel bar from Allied Brass

We often hear people sigh about how little space they have in their bathrooms. They balance shampoo bottles on tub ledges and hair dryers on towel racks.

They don't have to live like this! The right bathroom accessories can make all the difference in using overlooked space to store and organize everything from hairdryers to shampoo and conditioner.

Stop Shoving the Hair Dryer Into...Whatever!

Is your hair dryer shoved into a drawer or in a dark vanity where you have to rummage around to find it?

First of all, be glad if you have the need for a hair dryer. Second, treat it right. Put it in a solid brass organizer that can also hold a towel and a tumbler or round slapdash. Here's one from our Que New collection shown in an antique brass finish:

Brass hair dryer holder and organizer Allied Brass

The tumbler comes with the organizer. See more of our hair dryer organizers and other wall-mounted accessories.

Put an Elegant Glass Corner Shelf in a Bathroom

What's in your bathroom corner? 

Nothing? That's unused "real estate" where you can install a unique glass shelf like this one: 

Three tier corner glass shelf Allied Brass

This particular shelf is from our Southbeach collection, which features distinctive filials at top. The finish is a lovely matte white that works well in most bathroom and powder rooms.

In addition to matte white, we offer matte gray and black as well as 13 other finishes. Click on the photo to preview all of them!

We have a dozen two and three-tiered glass corner shelves. Take a look at all of them! 

Add Corner Baskets to Showers and Tubs

We've all done it - used the corner space on tubs to balance shampoo, conditioner, razors, and other items that inevitably fall off these crowded spaces. 

Our corner shower baskets can stop this madness! (ok, maybe madness is too strong a word but still.) And yes, we have two that fit in corners. Here's the double-tiered version, shown in a cool polished nickel finish:

Double tier corner shower basket Allied Brass


This basket could very well save marriages and sibling relationships where bathrooms are concerned.

If you're lucky enough to have your own bathroom, consider this corner organizer, shown in a handsome matte gray finish:

Wire brass corner shower basket

These baskets are made entirely with brass, which is very resistant to moisture. The coated finishes won't fade, peel, or rust.  Take a look at our full line of shower baskets.

Shower Door Pull/Towel Bar Does Double Duty

We designed a variety of shower door hardware including door pulls that double as towel bars. Here's one from our Pacific Grove collection that combines tough    clear acrylic rods with brass and fits on both sides of a shower door:

Back to back shower door towel bar Allied Brass

The finish here is polished brass, with grooved rings engraved on the mounting plates.  Other designs include twist, dotted, and smooth.

These combination pulls and towel bars also come in solid brass and that mount on one side of the door, like this one from our Dottingham collection, shown in a cheerful antique copper finish:

 All our shower door towel bars come in three sizes -  18", 24", and 30". Take a look at our full line of designer shower door hardware today!