Which Garment Rod Works Best for My Bathroom?

Garment rods give you the added option of hanging your clothes, towels, or other fabric items in the bathroom. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, a towel rod can be the center of attention. However, they come in different types, materials, sizes, and designs. You need to choose the appropriate rod to install in your bathroom based on certain characteristics. If you’re curious which garment rod works best for your bathroom, we can help by providing you with some questions to consider.

1. What Size Rod Do You Need?

Before deciding what rod size you need, you must measure and approximate the size of garments you will hang on them. After all, not every member of a household will use the same towel sizes.

It may be hard to decide what size rod you need for the project. However, it is a simple task. First, you must determine the diameter of the rod. The size of the rod should also be determined by the size of your bathroom. Obviously, a smaller bathroom needs to save space, meaning you will need a smaller garment rod.

2. What Color Do You Want?

You should begin by figuring out which rod suits your bathroom’s theme and your personal taste. Once you have made that decision, allow your creativity to lead the way. Choose a complementary curtain rod, or prioritize colors that match the bathroom décor or make the area stand out.

3. Which Material Will You Choose?

Simply put, you must ask yourself which material you prefer. Garment rods come in various materials, and each differs in strength and durability. Most rods are metal, making them strong, reliable, and durable if you need to hang heavy garments. You can even select brass, wrought iron, or wood.

When considering which garment rod works best for your bathroom, remember that the best rod for your bathroom will ultimately depend on your needs. Further, you also need to determine whether the rod will seamlessly match your bathroom décor.

No doubt, these rods are functional in the bathroom, as they hold your towels or clothes for you while you shower. As such, you should purchase yours through a reputable supplier such as Allied Brass. We’re proud to lead in supplying garment rods to customers looking to renovate their bathrooms. Talk to our experts today—we can help you decide which rods work best for your bathrooms.