Rail mounted landscape wall mirror from Allied Brass

Are you redecorating a bedroom? Adding decorative hardware will complement the new look while adding more functionality.

Mirrors, wall-mounted votive candles, incense stick burners that also mount to a wall, and cabinet/dresser hardware are just a few accessories we offer that can enhance a redecoration effort.

Mirrors Can Make A Room Larger and More Intimate

It may sound contradictory, but hear us out: a new mirror adds both intimacy while appearing to enlarge a space like a bedroom.

Mirrors, especially wall mirrors, provide a great way to add depth to a room without actually breaking down a wall. This article from our friends at Houzz shows how mirrors reflect light to "add" space

Frameless rail mounted mirror Allied Brass

This brass makeup mirror from our Carolina Crystal collection comes in 17 different finishes and features the collection's crystal glass inlay. The rail mount really complements the rest of the decor in this living room.

Click on any of the photos we show to preview other finishes and see close-up views.

The more mirrors, the more reflections. Size counts, too - larger mirrors will reflect more light and "add" more space.

Even a small vanity top makeup mirror adds light and depth when it's near a larger mirror:

Makeup mirror Allied Brass


Burn Candles and Incense Safely and With Style

Everyone loves a nice scent. With so many people working and studying at home over the past year, it's no wonder that incense and scented candle sales soared!

There's no reason to not continue this pleasant trend. But if you've been using standard candlesticks or tabletop incense burners, consider switching to wall-mounted holders.

Check out our line of wall-mounted votive candle holders and incense stick holders. You can install them at any height, although we recommend at least a few feet from the floor to keep them out of reach from curious young hands.

Incense stick holders come with a removable glass container and metal top. This one is from our Que New collection and shown in a satin brass finish.

Allied Brass wall mounted incense stick holder


Votive candleholders are romantic and let's face it, also practical. You know you'll lose electricity at some point during summer thunderstorm season, right? Light your rooms and hallways with wall-mounted votive candleholders like this one from our Prestige Que New collection and finished in brushed bronze:

Allied Brass wall mounted votive candle holder

Our votive candleholders include a removable glass container as well. 

New Knobs for Old Furniture!

It's certainly easy enough to replace furniture like dressers and bureaus. But if you like what you have - especially if you have heirloom pieces - new knobs are an inexpensive way to give then a fresh look.

Our collection of designer knobs reflect a lot of styles to match your room or furniture piece. You can keep it simple like this round 1" knob finished in satin nickel:

Cabinet knob Allied Brass

Or go a little wild with a corkscrew look:

Designer cabinet knob Allied Brass

This knob comes with four ring styles including the grooved one below:

Designer 1-1/2 inch cabinet knob

Click on the image to preview the different rings and finishes.

We're giving you permission to replace hardware you don't like. The cabinet, dresser, bureau, etc. might be fine but cheap hardware can diminish the look. 

Finally, if you worry about depressing the value of an heirloom with new hardware, you can always save the original for when you go on Antiques Roadshow.