Bathroom sink with vanity top soap dispenser

When it comes down to cleaning and disinfecting, liquid soap and bar soap perform equally well when they're worked up into good foam to clean your hands. 

The main thing consumers should remember is to look at soap ingredients. In general, liquid soap is less drying on skin. That said, there's no shortage of bar soaps infused with moisturizers.

Health experts recommend liquid soap in shared settings like restrooms to minimize contamination and keep the area clean. Our line of attractive liquid soap dispensers are perfect for these places.

Dispensers For Liquid Soap, Sanitizer, Or Lotion

We recommend vanity top soap dispensers for home use and wall-mounted ones for office restrooms and kitchens and other shared spaces.

Our vanity top dispensers like the one below are made entirely from brass:

Vanity top brass soap dispenser

This is from our Dottingham collection, one of our largest collections with over 80 distinct accessories. It unscrews to allow five ounces of liquid soap. Many customers also use dispensers for hand sanitizers or lotion. 

Our wall-mounted dispensers come with removable thick glass bottles. These bottles are easy to wash during refills. Here's the wall-mounted design from Dottingham in an elegant satin brass finish:

 Wall mounted liquid soap dispenser

The bottle holds five ounces of soap, sanitizer, or lotion. 

Soap Dispensers Are Environmentally-Friendly

Our soap dispensers are made to last a lifetime under normal use, so you won't be replacing it any time soon. 

Designer soap dispenser

You can get fancy with soap dispensers, too. This one from our Carolina Crystal collection is shown here in a gleaming satin chrome finish, setting off the crystal glass button inlay.

Our dispensers also eliminate the need for disposable, single-use plastic dispensers. Liquid soap is widely available in bulk and some manufacturers have ditched those huge plastic refill bottles in favor of recyclable bags or pouches.

(To be fair, most plastic bottles are recyclable as well, but pouches take up a lot less space.)

Benefits of Liquid Soap

  • Even mass-manufactured, inexpensive liquid soap is less drying than mosts bar soap, according to skin experts.
  • Liquid soap is far less messy than bar soap and doesn't leave behind soap scum.
  • You never have to worry that the liquid soap you're washing with fell on a restroom floor.
  • You can now get artisanal/natural/organic/infused liquid soap just like bar soap.

Lastly, we aren't putting down bar soap! We offer a line of designer soap dishes, which we recommend for one-person use.