How To Bring a Touch of Style Into Any Bathroom

It’s often easy to allow a room renovation to quickly spiral into a financial black hole. Unexpected costs can grind your progress to a halt and shut down parts of your home until you finally complete the project. This is why many people prefer to do a refresh instead of a renovation.

If renovation is plastic surgery, then a refresh is a new haircut. Your bathroom is a prime target for this process because there are so many simple changes you can make to give the room a brand-new shine. Here’s how to bring a touch of style into any bathroom during a refresh.


The ambiance of any room is vital to how you and others experience the space. Quick additions such as candles can help set the mood, making your bathroom a much calmer room. Plants are another solid option because they look great and help cover any unpleasant scents. Finish the area by adding artwork to really complete the look.

The Right Lighting

An affliction commonly found in bathrooms is the lack of appropriate lighting. There are several different methods for brightening a room, and none of them include installing additional fixtures. One of the most straightforward techniques for addressing this issue is installing extra mirrors to reflect light to the room. Darker colors can drain light, so choose your décor carefully when decorating.

Brass Fixtures

The thing that separates a good refresh from a great one is the attention to detail. Adding and updating the bathroom fixtures with brass accessories adds a touch of class to any space. Brass faucet heads, door handles, garment rods, and pull knobs are a few items to consider; using the attractive metal as part of bathroom fixtures can set your bathroom apart from others.

Vanity Can Be Good

There are free-standing sinks left to languish in bathrooms everywhere when a simple vanity would serve the room much better. This project is more involved, but the results make it worth the extra effort. Vanities are a great way to bring a touch of style into any bathroom. Not only do they look nicer, but they also provide additional storage options for cleaning supplies, towels, and other bathroom essentials.