Allied Brass Traditional Retractable Pullout Garment Rod

Like so many people, we've stayed in jeans or shorts and t-shirts much of the past year.

Lately, we accepted a couple of invitations for small outdoor gatherings. This meant retrieving our causal dress clothes for the first time in quite a while - and we remembered how an Allied Brass valet rod comes in handy.

Valet Rods Are Essential Closet Accessories

We initially created our retractable valet rods (also called garment rods) for laundry rooms. But we quickly realized that valet rods are really useful closet accessories!


Garment rod with jacket


We have one mounted to the outside of the closet door, where we hang clothes after they've been cleaned and ironed or to air them out. 

This particular garment rod is from our Carolina collection, which features traditional styles for decorative hardware. It's also one of our larger collections, with more than 64 distinctive accessories.

If you like a bit of flare, consider a valet rod from our Carolina Crystal collection, a cousin to the Carolina collection that features crystal glass inlay:

Allied Brass garment rod

The rod above is finished in brushed bronze, one of 17 standard finishes we offer.

All our garment rods are retractable, a feature that's particularly useful in smaller spaces. They extend 10" outward and will need at least that much wall space to fold back.

Valet Rods for Laundry Rooms

Washers and dryers, once relegated to basements, are now in full-fledged laundry rooms in so many homes! 

Many of these new laundry rooms have pretty cabinets, cute little cubbies, and even folding spaces. What's missing is a garment rod or two to hold items that need to air-dry but don't necessarily need to be flat.

Allied Brass garment rod Clearview collection

 This garment rod, from our Clearview collection, features a clear acrylic bubble - this complements the laundry well, don't you think? The finish is satin nickel.

Four More Reasons to Install Garment Rods

  1. Our garment rods retract to save space.
  2. They weigh just two pounds and are easy to install.
  3. They're strong and hold up to 20 pounds!
  4.  There are so many places for them besides closets and laundry rooms. Garment rods are great for mudrooms/foyers, bathrooms, and pool area changing rooms to name a few. other places.

 Shipping is free throughout the US. Browse our garment rod selection today!

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