Allied Brass makeup mirrors

Now that people are staring to go out again, it's time to dust off the makeup mirror.

Of course, these mirrors aren't only for makeup. Many of our customers use them for shaving, which arguably needs as much care as putting on makeup.

If your old makeup mirror is, well, old, it's time to update it with a stylish one from Allied Brass. We have vanity top makeup mirrors, mirrors that extend from a wall, even standing shaving mirrors.

Lots of Choices for Shaving and Makeup Mirrors

Our different shaving and makeup mirrors fit any personal preference or requirement.

Let's start with the basics:

  • Our makeup mirrors are made with sturdy, moisture-resistant brass
  • 17 available finishes that won't peel, rust, or fade
  • Each mirror is 8" in diameter and tilts up and down
  • Each mirror is double sided; choose 2X - 5X magnification for the flip side

Now for your preferences: do you like to stand while attending to matters of the face?

So do we. In fact, we're big fans of our own standing mirrors like this one: 

Allied Brass standing shaving mirror This particular mirror was creating for shaving (note the shelf) but it can certainly be used for makeup. It adjusts from 56" - 68" in height and is shown in an elegant brushed bronze finish. 

This type mirror can be very useful to people with limited mobility or who otherwise need (or strongly prefer) the adjustable height.

It can also be easily moved around. No installation needed. Plus, it's just so cool to look at. 

Most of our shaving and makeup mirrors are designed to fasten to a wall. We offer two wall-mounted styles. First, there are mirrors that extend from the wall like this one shown in a satin nickel finish:

Wall mounted extending makeup mirror Allied BrassNote the twisted detail finish at the end of the arm, which reaches out 14" from the wall.

Here's another take on the extension style, from our Soho collection, shown in a bright polished brass finish:

Wall mounted makeup mirror Allied Brass

This style updates the traditional handheld mirror with its wall mount, extension, and Soho's contemporary wrapped look. 

The other wall-mounted style keeps the mirror in one place and tilts up and down as needed. It's quite an elegant touch to put under wall-mounted lights. This one is from our Retro Dot collection and is shown in an antique pewter finish:

Wall mounted makeup mirror Allied Brass

Click on any of the images on this page to see the details close up and preview other finishes. We offer 17 in all, including matte white, gray, and black.

The Traditionalists: Vanity Top Makeup Mirrors

Vanity top makeup mirrors are as popular as ever. You always saw them in photos  old Broadway and Hollywood dressing rooms.  Everyone had a vanity top mirror in addition to the big one the makeup artists used.

So of course we include vanity top makeup mirrors in our collections! We have the customary one that fits in any scene, like this one shown in a satin brass finish:

Allied Brass vanity top makeup mirror more modern styles like this Soho mirror shown in matte gray.

Allied Brass Soho vanity top makeup mirror

Each of our vanity top mirrors stand 8" tall and rotate. Stands are weighted to prevent tipping over, but lightweight enough to easily move from dressing table to backstage. Or when you're ready to host guests again, easily move your vanity top makeup mirror to the powder room!

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