master bathroom

For many homeowners, the master bathroom serves a higher purpose than just a place to answer the call of nature. Depending on how you use the room, it can become an oasis of relaxation to destress after a hard day. One way to promote this tranquility is through the clever use of items throughout the room. Here is all the hardware you need for any complete master bathroom.

Towel and Garment Holders

One of the worst feelings is reaching for your bath towel after a shower to discover it’s still wet from the time before. Adding towel and garment holders are a great way to ensure your towels and clothes stay dry while you get clean. Towel holders are also great for preserving counter space by providing somewhere to put your hand towels. These are often available in the form of hooks, pegs, bars, and rings to match your preferred style.

Knobs, Handles, and Pulls

Every door, drawer, and cabinet in your bathroom will need to be opened and shut with knobs, handles, or pulls. These are great because they can serve additional purposes as well as their primary function. For example, if the bathroom is dark, consider using hardware with a metal finish to reflect the light. There are also finishes that match with nearly every color imaginable. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


The last type of hardware you need for any complete master bathroom is shelving units. These can be open or inside cupboards. Shelves give you a place to store bathroom essentials such as extra towels and toilet paper; they can be stylish as well as functional.


Mirrors are also important in any bathroom. There are various options available, including some descending from the ceiling and coming out from the wall—perfect for making those last-minute inspections before emerging for the day. Another decision to make when shopping for mirrors is whether you want a frame or not. You can also use smaller mirrors as decorative items around the room and to reflect light if needed.

Grab Bars

Grab bars can be a lifesaver, regardless of age. Having a handrail in the shower can help prevent serious injuries, as well as having one near the toilet. These bars also aid wheelchair users with maintaining independence and security in the bathroom.

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